The Couch: Function and Aesthetic Contribution in The Home

Wherever you place it, the couch is a piece of furniture that doesn't go unnoticed. Let's take a look at its function and aesthetic contribution in the home.
The Couch: Function and Aesthetic Contribution in The Home

Last update: 01 November, 2021

In ancient civilizations, such as the Roman Empire, movable resources were used to provide people with maximum comfort. Over time, the couch has continued to acquire significant importance in our homes as it provides a functional and aesthetic contribution to our daily lives.

Unlike times gone by, nowadays we have a huge variety of designs and styles to choose from. This ensures we can choose the right couch to meet our needs and bring a personal touch to our living space. In this sense, it’s necessary to underline the importance of the couch and how we can use it to furnish our homes.

Its arrangement can be variable–that is, it has a role to play in most rooms providing a defined aesthetic effect. In general, it’s a matter of ensuring that everything is perfectly blended. So how do we achieve this? Keep reading to find out!

The couch: a classic velvet daybed

Velvet daybed

One of the most used styles throughout the 20th century is the velvet daybed. Its design offers us a classicist aesthetic concept and if we observe it carefully, we’ll appreciate its sophisticated character. It’s as if it were a resource of a superior category that denotes a certain luxury with a modernist feel.

Regarding its size, it’s spacious in length without taking up height space. It has one armrest at the side and encompasses a backrest cushion at the end; it can even be cylindrical in format. In this way, each of the parts converges well with one another.

As for the material, velvet perfectly complements the structural design itself. This ensures that the sensation of exquisiteness and elegance–typical of high-end homes of the first half of the 20th century–is generated.

The couch: function and aesthetics in the bedroom and living room

When it comes to pointing out the most conventional couches in the market, they’re characterized by being simple, basic and functional. They adapt well to almost any space and it’s up to us to add the accessories. Let’s see some examples:

  • Couches with a wooden structure do have limitations on the sides. The mattress or foam plays a fundamental role, to such an extent that it can also serve as a bed. In addition, the cushions present a welcoming image.
  • Minimalist couches with some formal refinement don’t have any visible structures. They basically consist of a mattress on the surface and a base with space for drawers. For this reason, it’s essential that this type of couch is placed against the wall.
  • L-shaped couches are in another category. They’re an interesting element used to create a more dynamic environment. They look great in decor styles such as rustic, rural, or traditional, and their curved or strikingly shaped designs make a huge contribution to any home.
  • Couches with a headboard or backrest on one side are used mainly for lying rather than sitting. There are some very interesting designs in the market. This includes those with curved lines in a Baroque style to those with refined and functional lines.
The couch

The children’s couch for an informal touch

Who said that you can’t place a couch in a child’s bedroom? When it comes to interior design, everything is a matter of creating the right combination. In the market, you can find different categories of couches that can fit very well in this space.

The couches that are gaining more and more presence are those that take on the shape of a couch, but with the comfort of a beanbag . In other words, they’re a combination of both styles. Moreover, they usually have modern and contemporary designs.

These types of couches achieve a more informal look. This means that, instead of resorting to the classics, we have another option that has a lot to say in a young person’s environment.

The leather chaise longue

Finally, we can’t conclude this article without mentioning the chaise longue. It comprises an elongated format, large in size and with a backrest arranged on one side only. Actually, it bears a direct resemblance to the sofa.

Leather gives it a more serious, forceful and firm character. In addition, its maintenance, and care aren’t complicated. The most common colors are black and brown. Therefore, they’re consolidated as a benchmark in decor and enjoy a unique role.

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