Synthetic Fur Textiles: Trendy Accessories

Cushions, rugs, blankets and other similar accessories made with synthetic fur have caused a furor in interior decoration in recent years. Follow our practical advice and start using them in your home.
Synthetic Fur Textiles: Trendy Accessories

Last update: 16 March, 2022

In view of its soft and pleasant touch as well as its striking appearance, synthetic fur as a material has become very popular in recent years. This is why, it’s found in various clothing, footwear, and all kinds of accessories.

If you have a discreet and simple decorative style at home, you may want to add some texture and warmth to achieve a more interesting result. And, in this sense, synthetic fur textiles are perfect. Now, if you have doubts about how to use them, you should review the following tips.

It’s worth remembering that synthetic fur textiles for decoration mainly consist of blankets and rugs, made from fibers of non-natural origin, such as polyester and polyolefin fibers.

How do you use them at home?

It’s very important to maintain balance in home decoration. Therefore, synthetic fur accessories shouldn’t overload or overwhelm a room.

Colorful carpet.

For example, when it comes to using synthetic fur in your living room, you can place a rug under the coffee table. You can also add a blanket on the sofa or a couple of cushions on the chairs. But not all of these elements should be grouped together.

If it’s difficult for you to resist acquiring various accessories made of synthetic hair, learn to scatter them around the entire home, so as not to overload one particular space. 

Now, it’s important to know the strategic placement points of each accessory so that it looks great. For blankets, when they’re placed ‘carelessly’ on a sofa, they look incredible. Equally the same look is achieved when you do the same at the bottom of the bed or on an armchair.

When it comes to rugs, avoid using them in high-traffic areas because they tend to get dirty quickly and wear out. And unless you’re in the habit of taking off your shoes when entering your home, it’s better to place rugs in corners.

When a faux fur bedspread is incorporated into the bedroom, it’s a good idea to contrast it with other textiles. Therefore, when making the bed, leave your pillows and cushions exposed and not hidden under the bedspread.

Outdoors, small or medium-sized synthetic fur accessories can be placed on chests and low tables to maximize the feeling of comfort and warmth.

Pink faux fur rug.

Only for the Nordic style?

No! Synthetic fur accessories not only look good in Nordic-style decoration but can also be incorporated into minimalist, Bohemian, ethnic, rustic environments.

For example, a Bohemian-style room with rich earth tones invites you to add a white shaggy rug. This draws a lot of attention as it provides a good contrast.

How to care for synthetic fur textiles?

Since they’re usually long-pile, these textiles tend to collect dust and dirt easily. For this reason, shake and air them often. Equally, it never hurts to vacuum them at least once a week.

Synthetic fur blanket.

When washing synthetic fur accessories, pay attention to the information on the care labels. In general, they can be machine washed with warm water and neutral soap. But if you want them to be soft and good-looking, it’s necessary to add a little softener or hair conditioner.

If they’re washed by hand, avoid twisting them vigorously to drain them, since this will only spoil their shape. Instead, hang them flat in a ventilated place. If the label indicates that it can be placed in the dryer, pay attention to the recommended temperature.

Avoid washing them with ammonia, bleach, and similar aggressive products. Equally, avoid brushing them vigorously with a comb. Otherwise, it may cause the item to shed fur and the accessory starts to look less fluffy.

Finally, if your synthetic fur accessory has been dyed, it’s best to take it to a dry cleaner. Otherwise, you run the risk of spoiling it.

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