High-Pile Shaggy Rugs - Soft Under Your Feet

Shaggy rugs are well suited to lots of different rooms and styles, and so they’re great for decorating a home. They’re not only elegant, sophisticated and unique, but also extremely comfortable. Perhaps it’s time to update your interior decor and consider getting a shaggy rug.
High-Pile Shaggy Rugs - Soft Under Your Feet

Last update: 09 March, 2021

When decorating your home, you don’t have to leave your floors uncovered. High-pile shaggy rugs are a great way to make your spaces more comfortable and stop your feet from feeling the chill of a cold floor.

Time after time, people choose the same shapes, colors and materials when decorating their interiors. This can result in a very unoriginal interior design that always uses the same, unchanging style.

There are various different approaches you can take when it comes to floors. Rugs are always a good option, given the variety of different styles, colors, textures and shapes of rug available.

What are high-pile shaggy rugs?

A gray shaggy rug.

Also known as long-pile rugs, these shaggy rugs have an unparalleled ability to transform a room into a welcoming and comfortable space. Walking on a high-pile rug feels very different to walking on other rug types. They’re much softer and fluffier underfoot.

Shaggy rugs are typically made from polyester and their pile is higher than that of other rugs, which gives them this softer feel. In terms of their texture, shaggy rugs provide more cushioning and are well suited to lots of different spaces.

They are also available in lots of different sizes. They can be large enough to cover an entire living room floor, or small enough to lay by the side of a bed. High-pile shaggy rugs are not only adaptable and practical, but they can also complement a room’s style and decoration.

Shaggy rugs are not only very decorative, but also extremely comfortable.

The “look” of high-pile shaggy rugs

Shaggy rugs are bold, they have a lot of character, and can really elevate a space’s style. They can also enhance other elements of your design very well and create a look that brings something special to the room. Here are some of the special features of high-pile shaggy rugs:

  • Shaggy rugs can be the perfect decorative addition to a living room. Not only can they complement your sofa, but they can also sit under your coffee table to provide a central focus for the room.  However, you can also place a shaggy rug alone in the middle of the room so that the rug itself takes center stage.
  • Shaggy rugs are also well suited to bedrooms, and are a great way to make your room even more comfortable. Walking barefoot across a thick, soft carpet when you first get up in the mornings can help to warm your feet up.
  • Entrance halls, however, are not the best place for a high-pile shaggy rug. These rugs can be easily damaged by wear and tear, for example by people walking over them in boots or shoes from outside. It’s important to treat shaggy rugs with care, so try not to walk on them in hard-soled shoes.
  • Shaggy rugs can really enhance the design of a home. They go well with both classic and more modern, innovative or minimalist designs. They are also very easy to clean.

Color combinations

A high-pile shaggy rug with a geometric design.

Shaggy rugs stand out not only because they come in so many shapes and sizes, but also because they are available in a wide variety of colors. You can find shaggy rugs in the most radiant and eye-catching shades (fuschia pink, brilliant yellow, orange, rose red), as well as simpler colors, such as black and white.

Rugs in neutral shades are usually the most popular. This is normally because not everyone likes a bold, brightly colored rug, and neutral rugs can blend into a room’s design.

Beige, brown and gray are the most sought-after colors for shaggy rugs. These shades are elegant and go very well with other decorations, whether they’re dark or light-colored, without standing out too much. However, it’s also worth considering that rugs in brighter colors are more original.

There’s a wide range of high-pile shaggy rugs available. The best thing to do is have a look online and in stores and choose the rug that best suits your home.

Interesting patterns and designs

High-pile shaggy rugs also come in different designs and patterns. These rugs are a great way to highlight the style of your space, without making it any less comfortable.

The most popular patterns are geometric designs with straight lines or triangles, or other simple designs. Some stores have more unique designs, for example with a recognizable picture or figure, or a striking pattern.

In summary, high-pile shaggy rugs are both an interesting and unusual element to introduce into your home design. They are undoubtedly a great decorative addition to any room and they can make you feel very comfortable.


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