Switch Up Your Home Decor with Orange

You can create a fresher, warmer home decor with orange. It's adds a fantastic touch of youth and dynamism.
Switch Up Your Home Decor with Orange

Last update: 12 January, 2020

If you want something young and different for your home decor, maybe it’s time to consider switching up your decor entirely. And no change is better than one that’s warm and dynamic. Look no further; orange is the best way to change up your home decor.

Whether you use it on your walls or decor accessories, orange is a subtle tool you can use to create a nice, active setting that’s full of sensations. What a room using this color transmits will be completely different from what another room, like gray, would.

Orange is not a neutral color. While matching it correctly with your other home elements will require more thought and effort, your decor will boast plenty of originality and life.

Understanding the aesthetic of orange

orange aesthetics

Orange might not be a common color for home decor, but if you use it wisely it can create a space full of light and intensity. The freshness that this color achieves is on a completely different level than other colors.

It creates an extroverted decor; orange reflects a certain feeling of boldness, joy, fun, and vivaciousness. You might also note a touch of exoticism. After all, the color’s name comes after the fruit itself.

What colors create orange? Technically it’s a slightly less-intense shade of red. While it’s not intense as red, it doesn’t quite reach yellow hues and sits in between the two colors.

Orange for living rooms

orange living room

How can you use this beautiful color in your living room? Orange is a strong color and it’s hard to match with others. Try using it with these ideas:

  • Avoid filling the entire room with it as the results can be overwhelming. Instead, try using it in simple yet direct ways.
  • Combine orange and white on one wall and use white on the others. Here’s an idea – create some dynamism and character by painting the wall behind your TV set orange.
  • As for furniture, an orange couch will attract attention. Or, you can also try a neutral couch and add on orange pillows for a powerful yet subtle punch.
  • If you want to focus attention on a particular object, vases, rugs or bean bags can be great decor resources.

Not your ordinary bathroom

orange bathroom

Bathrooms always have the same colors: blue, white, gray, green… Why not shake things up a bit with a different color and create a bright, intense and original decor?

  • The main element to decorate here is the walls. You can find a large variety of tiles in this color that range from intense to muted tones. In addition, white will be the best color to match with, just as we saw above.
  • Another idea is to use a curved or straight-line pattern in your bathroom to create movement on your walls. Just as we mentioned above, you can find all kinds of ceramic tiles. We recommend going to a specialized store and browse for your favorite model.
  • An orange bathroom will look brighter, happier and warmer. It’s certainly another valid decor option and will help you feel good every morning as you step into your bathroom.

And bedrooms?

orange bedroom

An orange bedroom will feel more casual and younger. Just as we saw in the tips for living rooms, you can use the color on a single wall and use white on the rest.

Or, an entirely orange room can also work well and make the room seem brighter. Be brave and try orange in your decor.

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