Space Saving Ideas: How To Best Use the Space You Have

We'll tell you about simple tricks you can use when decorating small spaces. Take a look!
Space Saving Ideas: How To Best Use the Space You Have

Last update: 01 June, 2019

Small houses can pose a challenge because of storage space limitations. If you’re also someone who keeps everything, it can be hard to keep things in their place. This is even more complicated in houses where space is limited. We’ll give you some space saving ideas.

Space saving ideas and putting them into practice can help you maintain order and feel comfortable in your house. Organization is key.

Space saving ideas for the bedroom

The bedroom is for rest and comfort. It has to have a relaxed atmosphere that invites to you get comfortable and disconnect.

In other words, organization is crucial. It’s important to find functional storage solutions, including elements that help you take full advantage of your space.

If your bedroom is small, it’s essential to have a bed that has storage space underneath. Then you can store, for example, bedding, blankets, cushions, or other bulky items that usually take up a lot of space.

One of many space saving ideas is to use the space under the bed for storage.

Space saving ideas for the bedroom include making sure all your furniture fits perfectly. Furniture made especially for your room’s dimensions is a good option to save space.

If you have the option, however, incorporating built-in furniture can help you save a lot of space. Cabinets that are integrated into the walls are space saving since this type of furniture is usually large.

If you have a house with high ceilings, you can also innovate by taking advantage of the space above your bed and use the space as a study area. We’re seeing this more and more in small apartments. It’s an alternative way to use free space.

You can also use space saving ideas that take advantage of the space under a bed. By putting the bed up on a platform, you can have space underneath that can be used as a living room.

We also recommend using white for a small bedroom for both the walls and furniture since it helps create a sensation of spaciousness.

And in the kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. And for the same reason, it’s one of the most chaotic places.

Everyone wants a practical and functional kitchen. Everything should have its place and look clean and tidy.

For narrow, long kitchens, we recommend avoiding square furniture, which can eat up a lot of your space. Instead, it’s best to distribute the furniture throughout the space.

On the other hand, don’t put too much furniture in the kitchen. The more you have, the more disorganized the room will look. One tip to avoid this is to have upper and lower cabinets so that you take advantage of storage space. Then, you can take advantage of free space.

Another useful and practical storage option is to place small containers for different types of spices or cereals in a drawer. That way you can avoid clutter in the drawers.

Sliding doors in the kitchen are another one of our space saving ideas. That way you don’t have to sacrifice a single inch, as you would with doors that need space to swing open and closed.

Space saving ideas for the living room

Just because you have a small living room doesn’t mean you can’t make this room a practical, beautiful space. It’s important to feel like you can spend time there and be completely comfortable.

The best thing for a small living room is to keep it as open as possible. Use as little furniture as possible to create a feeling of spaciousness. Although it’s not always possible, you may be able to achieve this by just having the essentials.

Using walls to help with storage space and decoration is a great way to avoid having too much furniture. Consider shelves, bookshelves, or drawers, but only choose what you need for storage.

Another of our space saving ideas is to join two sofas in an L shape. This is a great way to have space for the whole family without taking up the whole room. If you choose sofas like this, then behind them you’ll have space for shelves for books and magazines as well.

How to save space in the bathroom

Who said you can’t use space saving ideas in the bathroom? Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a space that you’re constantly coming in and out of. This can affect how organized the room is.

Consider furniture with shelves or using wicker baskets as storage. Because this is space that visitors will see, it allows you to keep everything organized and avoid a mess.

You could also consider a  glass window or door. Obviously, you don’t want the whole door to be glass, but it can help give the room some more light and make it feel larger.

Putting shelving on the walls as a storage solution is a great idea for the bathroom. It’s also a very trendy option with lots of modern choices for shelving.

Another option is to place appliances, such as hair dryers or straighteners, on the wall. And you can make a space to store towels or other items. There are plenty of  space saving ideas for the bathroom.

As you can see, decorating a small house isn’t just about finding solutions that make the most of the space. It’s also about integrating pieces that fit into your aesthetic and make your home comfortable. You can take advantage of any space in your home with a little imagination!