Advantages of Having a Built-In Closet

If you're looking to gain space in your room without spending a lot of money, a built-in closet is exactly what you're looking for.
Advantages of Having a Built-In Closet

Last update: 27 October, 2018

It’s pretty common for you to ask yourself what type of wardrobe you should use in your bedroom. What’s the most effective way to store clothes without taking up too much space? This can be a difficult question to answer. For this reason, we’ll show you the advantages of having a built-in closet.

A built-in closet is very practical for your home. It consolidates space and can have a interesting features. It doesn’t occupy visual space and it’s hidden. In addition, it is convenient for your daily life.

Normally, when we go to buy a house we look at the way the home is laid out and how much space each room has. However, it’s easy for us to forget about things like built-in closets.

What is a built-in closet?

A built-in closet is something that you’ll find in a place in your home made for storage. For example, a built-in closet will be in a hole or indentation in the room’s wall. Most of the time, this small space is specifically for a closet or some type of storage area. 

Therefore, because it’s already tucked into the wall, it offers practicality without taking up a lot of space in your room. It doesn’t get in the way of people moving around your home, and often it is out of sight.

built-in closet

People tend to ask, what’s better: a normal closet or a built-in closet? If we had to choose, there’s no doubt that having a recessed closet ensures greater comfort and organization in any room of the home.

As a general rule, closets are in bedrooms. However, it’s common for you to find them in an entrance hall. You may also find them in a living room, although that would be far less common.

If you’re looking to gain space, the built-in closet is your best option.

Types of built-in closets

Built-in closets are perfectly integrated into the way the room looks and how it flows. When it comes to these types of closets, there are different kinds and models. Their dimensions will vary. However, when it comes to height they’ll all generally reach the room’s ceiling.

  • One type of built-in closet only has a bar that allows you to hang clothes from. It usually doesn’t have drawers or other storage compartments.
  • The most common type is one that has space to hang clothes as well as drawers. It may also have an upper compartment that hides clothes, bags, suitcases, etc.
  • It’s also very common to see a closet with two sections, both with a hanging area and in the drawers. This is best if two people are going to share the closet.

In short, nobody wants to be uncomfortable. No matter how much you use your wardrobe, simply having one guarantees that you’ll be organized and that you’ll be able to distribute your furniture in the best way in your room.

What types of doors are there?

The doors are a complement to a wardrobe. They’re important to think about because they’re going to dictate how you open the closet. You want this to be comfortable and hassle-free. There are two types of doors to consider when installing a closet:

  • Door that opens to the outside. This has a handle to open the door, making the traditional opening movement. However, there’s an inconvenience to this type of door. You can’t have anything around it that affects its movement.
  • Sliding door. This format is the most useful, in our opinion. With a sliding door, you move the door to one side or the other. In doing this, you don’t have to worry about other objects getting in the way of the door. This frees up a lot of space in the room for furniture or other objects.

If you’re wondering which type of door to use, a sliding door is much more practical, original, and comfortable. Keep in mind that practicality and comfort should be fundamental principles on which you decorate your home.

It’s very practical to use closet doors that don’t take up extra space in your room.

The material: types of wood

As a general rule, most built-in closets are made of wood. Of course, there are other options you can consider. However, our recommendation is to always choose the best material possible. In this case, wood is your best bet.

wood built-in closet
  • Walnut. When it comes to furniture, walnut is very resistant. It has a beautiful color and it doesn’t lose its tone as time passes.
  • Cherry. Again, this is a very strong wood with a lighter color. It can bring a more subtle touch to the room.
  • Oak. Oak gives seriousness and resistance to your wardrobe. There are different types of oak, some with darker tones and others that come in lighter shades.

Indeed, wood has been and will continue to be a great material to use in your home. While there are many different types of material for you to use when choosing a material for your closet, we firmly believe that wood is the best option due to its durability.

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