Should You Decorate a Rented Apartment? Yes of Course!

You won't believe these simple ways in which you can decorate your rented apartment! Get ready to turn it into a place with personality.
Should You Decorate a Rented Apartment? Yes of Course!

Last update: 15 November, 2021

For many people, living in a rented apartment represents a decorating obstacle. However, regardless of how long you’ll live there and as long as you have the permission of the landlord, it’s worth customizing.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than living in a rented apartment while feeling that it’s someone else’s place. If you feel like this it’s time to add your stamp and personality. Keep reading because we’re going to tell you how to achieve this!

How to decorate a rented apartment?

Natural paint
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The first thing you need to know before starting to decorate your rented apartment is if you can make modifications. If you have the permission of your landlord let your imagination fly and transform this place into your personal space.

The walls of your dreams

Yes, it’s true that we’re talking about someone else’s property but while you live there, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to have what you’ve always dreamed of. If you have permission to decorate start with the color of the walls.

Dark colors may not always work in a small space and the wrong color walls can make an apartment feel cold, dark, and oppressive. Whereas light, vivid colors, and pastels provide light, warmth and visual amplitude. Choose a color in this range that you prefer and use it to transform your rented apartment.

Remember that you can implement innovative ideas such as creating a contrasting wall in the bathroom, living room or bedroom. This will add dynamism to your apartment.

Choose the right curtains

The curtains are the traditional ones.

Continue with the process of decorating your rented apartment with curtains. These accessories can allow natural light to enter from all corners or prevent it. What do you prefer? If the curtains already installed are too dark, allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of natural lighting.

Now, if you’re concerned about privacy at night, buy double curtains. During the day you can open up the heavy fabric and allow the sun’s rays to enter, and at night drop this section to avoid gazes from outside.

Remember that the color of the curtains you chose must match the walls and your accessories. Although they don’t necessarily have to be the same color, simply play with tones and contrasts.

Add a little greenery to your rented apartment!

Green, blessed green! Indoor plants are a wonderful decorative element and they add freshness and vitality to homes that are rented or otherwise. If you like plants take the opportunity to place some around your apartment. The options are many, ranging from the use of succulents and cacti, to large tropical plants.

Remember that in addition to offering a decorative twist, plants help purify the air in your home and many of them absorb moisture. Choose the ones you like the most.

What should you do if you don’t like the flooring?

Rugs to decorate a rented apartment.

When it comes to a rented apartment, changing the floor is usually not the best idea because it’s an expensive renovation. However, you can make use of rugs to give it the tone and texture you are looking for.

One of the most drastic options is to use rugs that totally cover the floor. Another much cheaper option and one that’ll serve you wherever you go is round or square rugs. The latter are ideal for adding color, texture, and separating spaces. In addition, they make each room look warmer.

Furniture is very important!

Furniture defines your style. So when it comes to decorating your rented apartment afford yourself the luxury of buying the dining room table, the sofa, the coffee, or the side tables that suit your tastes.

Of course, if you plan to take your furniture with you when you eventually move, consider acquiring light and adaptable furniture that’s easy to accommodate in homes of different styles. Some people who don’t follow this advice are often disappointed when moving because their furniture may not fit in their new place.

Don’t forget either, that through your furniture you can also add color and personalization. There are some light wood dining tables and chairs that have interchangeable cushions, so you can change their color whenever you want. Consider this option if you like to renew with each move or season.

This is how simple it is to decorate your rented apartment

With small actions, you can decorate your rented apartment and turn it into your own home. The fact that you live in a property that isn’t legally yours doesn’t mean that you can’t give it your unique and personal touch.

Get inspired by the ideas that we’ve shared with you and feel the pleasure of your home.