Colors to Combine With Green Walls

Turquoise, gray, white, and pink are some of the ideal colors to combine with green walls. We'll explain how to achieve this in a balanced way.
Colors to Combine With Green Walls

Last update: 21 September, 2021

Incredibly, there are many colors to combine with green walls. Green is one of the favorite colors of many people, regardless of its hue. This is a color that’s created from the mixture of yellow and blue, and according to color psychology, it represents freshness, hope, and emotional balance.

In this article, we’re going to explain which colors to combine green walls with, either because you’ve decided to paint all your walls in this color or you want to create patterns. Do you want to know more? Continue reading!

The colors to combine with green walls

Combining the green of your walls is more than simple. Despite it being a strong shade, it’s possible to mix it with other shades to make it stand out even more. Keep reading because we’re going to delve into the options that you have to choose from.

Green and white

Radiant hues are tied to outgoing personalities

Combining green walls with colors such as white is a safe and very successful bet. This is a combination that goes very well regardless of the shade of green and makes your spaces look fresh and bright.

Keep in mind that to obtain a cooler and brighter space, it’s better to use the lightest shades of green. How to use this mixture? There are many options, including:

  • Green walls, white furniture, and accessories.
  • White walls with a focus green wall.
  • A green wall with designs of different shades of green.

Green and gray

Following the line of safe, but beautiful combinations, we find the mixture of green and gray. As a neutral color, gray goes with almost all colors, so keep this tip in a safe place.

Now, in this case, you have the option of painting your walls green and adding gray designs. As in the previous case, you can have green walls and one single gray one, but make sure it’s in light tones. In this case, you have a license to create with your walls.

Combine green and yellow

Combine in yellow and green.

Green and yellow go very well together, so much so, that together, they create a new and improved color called lime green. But in this case, we’re going to use it separately.

Combining your green walls with colors like yellow will make your spaces have more life, feel more refreshing and create energy and personality. Of course, don’t overshadow the green: it’s not necessary for yellow to predominate to make it stand out.

Your entire decor can even include green walls, a gray sofa, and cute yellow cushions. Accessorize with yellow ornaments and a medium-sized green plant.

Green and turquoise

Both green and turquoise are cold tones and are located in the same place on the color wheel. For this reason, they’re naturally compatible and combine very well with each other. Still, it’s necessary to use them in moderation because they can become saturated.

As in the previous case, it’s a good idea that you choose which of the two you like the most so that one color predominates–the other should then go in small doses. One option is to paint your walls green and add turquoise borders or mark a division between the walls and the ceiling with turquoise. It works the same if you contrast the green of the walls with the furniture and textiles.

Green and pink

Salons in green and pink.

Green and pink is a beautiful combination that marks a very refreshing and elegant, natural style. It works well when one of the tones predominates over the other, as in the case of green walls and small pink accessories. These may include cushions, an armchair, paintings, or even small details such as flower pots and beautiful lamps.

The perfection of the combination will also depend on your personal tastes. If you like this combination, but pale pink isn’t quite your style, you can make it work with all shades of red–where you’ll have the same effect.

Combine green walls with orange

Green and orange make an ideal couple, although it’s a pretty risky bet. For this reason, the colors should be used in a moderate way, since they’re both powerful tones.

Choose the color that you like the most so that it predominates over the other. For example, use green walls and combine them with orange cushions, rugs, bedding, or accessories and vice versa.

Other colors to combine with green walls

Combining green walls with other shades of green is also a good decorative option. The important thing here is that you take a risk and use your favorite color to find the combination that represents your style.