Shaker Style: Simplicity in Decoration

Are you familiar with the decorative Shaker style? It's simple and functional. Find out more!
Shaker Style: Simplicity in Decoration

Last update: 01 December, 2020

Even if you’re not familiar with Shaker furniture, once you learn more, you’ll understand what this unique style is all about. If you like functional, simple, handmade furniture, this look is for you!

This is a style trend that has been gaining followers in recent years. Many people find calm in the warmth and simplicity of these designs. Want to know more about this current trend?

Shaker style – austerity and design

A Shaker style chair.

When you fall in love with a new trend, the best way to use it in your home is to look for details that fit into your lifestyle. In this case, these simple, austere designs fit well into small homes. In fact, functionality and comfort are the main goals.

Where do Shakers come from?

This style dates back to 1772, although it reached its height in popularity during the first half of the 19th century. It comes from a sect in the United States. This group, recently arrived from England, was known as the “United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing” or Shakers.

Shakers were completely self-sufficient and focused on basic principles of simplicity, usefulness, cleanliness, and honesty. Being a communal society, they believed that individual property didn’t exist and didn’t believe in using objects that were superior to those of their neighbors.

A close look at the Shaker style

A Shaker style bedroom.

The Shakers designed and manufactured furniture themselves and aimed to create simple, functional pieces without any unnecessary large details or ornaments.

The colors were also a simplification of the colonial color palette, with cream-colored walls and natural woods. They used predominantly pine, cherry, and maple, which are the most economical.

Their spaces were sparsely furnished to create an orderly appearance and leave the floor free for cleaning. Another unique trait is that they used rails on the walls to hang most objects.

Because the Shakers made their furniture themselves, this style features handmade pieces where each one is special.

The Shaker style adapted to the present

A simple kitchen.

If you’re looking for peace, order, and simplicity, look no further! The clean decorative lines and furniture make this a perfect fit for small spaces or country homes that people use as a second home.

In terms of colors, choose tones that reference nature, such as stone gray, sky blue, ocher, or turquoise. Surprisingly, white was actually a difficult color to obtain back in the day and the most expensive, so Shakers limited its use to meeting spaces, such as living rooms or kitchens.

As we already mentioned, Shakers made their furniture themselves as a way of praising God so they paid a lot of attention to detail without adding any useless elements. Functionality was their main goal. One example is Shaker rocking chairs, like these from eBay.

Shaker-style kitchens are simple and resemble rustic ones. They are also very elegant, thanks to wooden furniture, shelves, and plenty of drawers to keep everything neat and tidy.

Floors in this style are also made of wood and usually are wide planks, polished and painted with natural varnish. This style also features other handmade details made of wool or cotton.

What do you think of this style?

It’s definitely unique. However, we’re sure you’ve seen countless pieces of furniture with simple lines!

So if you love everything neat, austere, and high-quality, you can find some great pieces in this decorative style.