Set Up and Decorate Your Own Tea Corner

Tea corners can take on many different decor styles: romantic, Bohemian, rustic, minimalist, vintage and plenty more. The trick is knowing how to use different elements and enjoy the process.
Set Up and Decorate Your Own Tea Corner

Last update: 14 July, 2019

Anyone who loves interior decor, warm settings and blissful me-time usually can’t resist creating special spaces like a tea corner.

A tea corner brings a café to your home. And you can even think of it as a contemporary take on a tearoom where people used to elegantly enjoy a drink and refreshments. Even in a smaller space and after some setting changes, a tea corner still creates magic.

A great deal of its charm comes from the delicateness. As a set, it provides a relaxing, comfortable ambiance that promises tranquility. In the world of interior decor, details do, after all, make all the difference.

Where should you set up your tea corner?

tea corner where

Set your tea corner up by looking for a peaceful area first. In other words, look for a place where there aren’t too many distractions (sound, lights, objects, etc). Good examples might include: the patio, living room or even the kitchen.

We want to make it clear that your tea corner doesn’t have to be a set room or spaceYou can also choose to move it wherever you want. If you want a portable tea corner, you’ll need certain elements that can help you move your items such as a tray.

Tea corners usually are near a window. You can even set up your tea set right on the windowsill. Or, use a table, shelf, stool, etc. instead.

Regardless of how big your room is, you can fill your tea corner with plenty of charm.

Tips for decorating your tea corner

tea corner tips

Aside from the basics like a tea set, try gathering together elements that can make you feel more comfortable. Some ideas could be:

If you’d rather go a different, simpler route, try decorating just with your tea set, a set of little spoons, tin cans or a wooden chest that holds your tea assortment.

Or, if you want to use a table, remember to look for the most comfortable seating possible. Try a fluffy material, rocking chair or a beanbag if it fits in with your decor style.

You can use two simple decor elements to separate your tea corner from the rest of your room: a rug and a standing lamp. Both options will help you clearly define the spaces without offsetting your decor.

Accessories for an original tea corner

tea corner accsessories

If you’re planning on setting up in your kitchen and can’t count on a lot of space, set your tea elements up on a rotating tray. Look for a beautiful tray that can decorate the setting.

Another idea for small spaces is making the most of your walls. Hang your teacups and pot on hooks or a shelf instead of taking up table or counter space.

You can even make a combined tea-dessert area. Place your teas together with candy jars, cake pans and the like. And how about adding in your coffee machine along with decor elements like a chalkboard or message board with a nice phrase.

Don’t forget, that you can create your tea corner to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet even if you’re not a tea-lover. Sip on something else instead!