Tricks to Remove Scratches From Parquet

We're going to share some infallible methods for you to remove scratches from your parquet flooring. You won't believe how easy it is to get rid of these unsightly marks!
Tricks to Remove Scratches From Parquet

Last update: 13 September, 2021

Learning how to remove scratches from parquet flooring is essential…considering that this is one of the most used materials in home interior design. In addition, part of its beauty lies in the care that’s given to it. The brighter and more even this type of flooring is, the more elegant it’ll look.

Keeping your parquet in good condition ensures that it doesn’t lose its color, that it doesn’t lift, and that it retains its original appearance. Read on to discover how to avoid and remove scratches from your parquet and keep it looking new. It’s easy and simple to achieve.

Tricks to remove scratches from your parquet

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When you have parquet flooring, it’s normal to want to take care of it and keep it looking new. However, this is a difficult job, considering that many objects such as shoes, chairs, tables, pets, and objects can cause scratches.

Now, all you have to do is learn how to remove scratches from your parquet. This will be an easier task if you identify the type of scratch you have–since the method with which you’re going to remove it depends on this.

Next, we’ll tell you how to remove scratches from your parquet, depending on the type.

Remove surface scratches from your parquet

Superficial scratches are usually the easiest to remove, as the entire surface hasn’t been damaged. To remove these, you need to use the following:

Mix these two ingredients together and use a soft, dry cloth to wipe over surface scratches. Leave it on for about five to ten minutes to take effect. After this time, see how the scratches begin to disappear.

Remove medium scratches

If you find that the scratches are a little deeper than a superficial scratch, but it hasn’t damaged the wood, stay calm…the solution is simple. In this case, you won’t need a lot to remove these scratches, it’s only necessary to use a specialized wax for floors of this type.

Get this product from a cleaning store and apply a good amount to the scratches on your parquet. Make sure you coat the affected areas very well and allow them to dry. Sometimes it’s necessary to repeat the procedure.

Taking into account that you’ll need to use a special wax for parquet floors, choose the best product that you can afford. This will ensure that your floor has an even shine.

Remove deep scratches from parquet flooring

If your parquet has deep scratches, before making the decision to replace the damaged sections, try sandpaper! To remove the scratches rub sandpaper on it, in gentle, circular motions until it disappears. Remember not to use too much force.

Next, you should use some putty to fill the surface you just sanded. Apply a thin layer and make sure there are no lumps, and let the product dry. Once dry, pass the sandpaper gently over the area again to smooth the floor. Finish with a little parquet wax, so the area will regain its color and shine.

Take care of your parquet and avoid scratches

Herringbone parquet flooring.

Over time, parquet naturally deteriorates and loses its qualities. Although there are a series of recommendations that you can follow to protect it and extend its useful life. In this way, you’ll avoid the stress of thinking about how to remove scratches.

Take care of your parquet when entering your home

When entering your home you must be careful with your shoes and choice of footwear. Many times stones or minute debris can become stuck in the soles of our shoes without us noticing…which can, in turn, scratch your floor. The best thing is to remove your shoes before stepping on your parquet.

Laying rugs

In places such as the entrance of your home, the living room, or the kitchen, (which are the busiest areas), it’s advisable to place rugs. In this simple way, you’ll protect your parquet and avoid scratching it.

Be careful with your furniture

Sometimes, (and when changing the position of our furniture), we don’t actually lift it. Without realizing it, we tend to slide or drag furniture and this can scratch the floor. Although you already know how to remove scratches from parquet, it’s best to avoid these types of actions.

It’s also recommendable to add special protectors on the legs of your furniture.