Recycle Doors and Create Functional Furniture for Your Home

Due to its durable and manageable material, old doors can be transformed into beautiful furniture to decorate your home. Discover some interesting suggestions.
Recycle Doors and Create Functional Furniture for Your Home

Last update: 29 March, 2022

You don’t need expensive furniture to give your home a renewed air. In fact, there’s a wide variety of reusable materials that can be used to create beautiful, functional home furnishings. Would you like to learn how to recycle old doors?

As you know, these elements are usually made of wood and other fine materials that last for many years. Therefore, at the time of changing them, it’s likely that they’ll still be in good condition. Well, to prolong its useful life, discover our suggestions.

How to recycle doors to create functional furniture

When it comes to recycling old doors you’ll have to bring out all your creativity. Although there are many ideas to transform them into other furniture and accessories for your home, adding your own style will be decisive to obtain a satisfactory result.

Also, you should keep in mind that it requires more investment of time than with other crafts. You may need to polish the material, use paints, or cut it into other shapes.

Tables for interiors or terraces

Doors as tables.

There are dozens of recyclable materials that make it easier for us to make a table for interior spaces or terraces. Due to their characteristic shape, doors are one of the best options. In fact, no cutting or major modifications will be necessary.

What should you do?

  • Polish the old door and paint it with your favorite colors. If you prefer something more rustic, leave it in its original state. Once it’s ready, put some thin wooden or metal legs on it.

Recycle doors as headboards for beds

Headboard for bed.

Another fantastic idea to recycle old doors is making headboards for your beds. As you know, this decorative element has become fashionable in recent years. Although they can be purchased in furniture stores, you’ll save money with this project.

What should you do?

  • You can use the old doors vertically or horizontally. Paint them in such a way that they match your bed and bedding, but highlighting the wall.


Recycled doors as shelves.

There are many spaces in our homes where it’s necessary to have at least one bookcase. So instead of buying an expensive one, you can recycle old doors to make them. Thanks to their size and shape, they’re perfect for storing books, ceramics, plants, and other items.

What should you do?

  • Polish the door material and cut some parts to add the shelf compartments. In this case, you’ll need some additional boards for the bases.
  • As always, the style and paint will depend on your tastes.

Recycle doors as frames for mirrors

Doors for mirror frames.

Has it occurred to you to recycle old doors and use them as frames for mirrors? Although it sounds a bit strange, it’s a very special project. If you like the vintage or rustic style, you’ll love putting it into practice. You simply need a mirror glass the size of the door.

What should you do?

  • First of all, polish the door and make details with paints and varnish. When it’s ready, use it as a frame for the mirror. If you don’t know how to insert or paste it safely, seek advice from an expert.

Coat racks

Doors as coat racks.

As with shelves, coat racks are a very useful accessory in the home. Having them in rooms, offices or living rooms is a simple way to decorate and bring more order. Ready to recycle doors with this idea?

What should you do?

  • Restore the door you want to use and use it as a base to make the coat racks. Put hooks to hang it and, if you like, add some compartments.

Plant stands

Gates for mini gardens.

Of course, old doors can also be used to decorate the garden. Depending on the shape they have, they can be used as a support to put hanging plants or make a miniature vertical garden.

What should you do?

  • In this case, it’s not necessary to paint them or to make too many modifications. In fact, the aged style will look great for outdoor spaces. You just have to put hooks on them to hang your plants or make some compartments with boards as we did with the shelves.

Have you just changed the old doors of your house? Don’t get rid of them! Take into account all of these ideas and use them to create new furniture. You’ll love the results.

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