Pop Style - It's Great Fun!

Learn to decorate in the pop style.
Pop Style - It's Great Fun!

Last update: 01 June, 2020

Maybe you would like to decorate your home in pop style. If this is the case, you should be aware that this style is for people who are bold and uninhibited. That’s why they want to give their home personality. So, don’t be boring!

Pop style wraps you in a world of color where aesthetics is the only important thing. It’s an urban art trend that rejects anything formal, traditional, or conventional.

The term pop art was coined in 1962. It refers to the artistic tendency that was a source of inspiration for advertising. It included television, comedy, and in general all of mass media communication.

Pop art in interior design flourished in the ’60s as well. It is a vital and dynamic style that permits everything. For example, it encompasses shapes, colors, materials, and furniture emblematic of the pop style, which is bold. Designs are irregular with dominant curved lines.

Often, furniture hides its function and adopts extraordinary shapes. For example, chairs may be extremely high or on the contrary, at floor level.

Sofas tend to be upholstered with bright colors and in round organic shapes. What’s more, it’s very common to place pillows on lush carpets.

The pop style universe

Orange molded chairs at a white table pop style

The love for pop style originated furniture and accessories that are outstanding and are still used today. Moreover, these are icons of decoration culture. We’re talking about movies, comics, animated drawings, etc.

There are some truly outstanding designs. There is the orange ball clock by George Nelson in 1948 and the ball chair by the Finish designer Ero Aarnio in 1963. Also important is the clip photo frame by Hella Jongerius.

To decorate walls, people tend to seek reproductions of paintings by Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol.

Spaces full of life in the pop style

Bedroom with a bold mural painted on the wall.


Pop style prefers dynamic spaces. Spacious rooms with connected kitchens separated by a counter are favored.

In general, this style of decor works best in buildings with modern architecture. Although in more classic constructions, with rosettes and moldings, it could emphasize its extravagant and rebellious side.

Pop environments need not necessarily be large and bright. This style favors compartmentalized areas with different uses.

To create separation, avoid traditional doors. Use curtains or furniture instead.

Colors that pop

Living room with many colors in the pop style

Color takes over the pop ambiance. So any color is allowed with any combination – the bolder the better. Bright colors such as fuchsia, green, orange, and red are dominant.

You’ll also see a lot of bright white. More than anything, it’s used to combine with shapes and zippy designs.

Geometric shapes dominate – circles, rectangles, and triangles with combined colors. Also popular are wide stripes, mainly horizontal. Equally popular are motifs with flowers, themes, and all kinds of psychedelic designs.

Plastic – the king of pop

Pop style moded plastic chairs in red

To create a pop style, it’s best to select the majority of your furniture and accessories in plastic. If possible, transparent furniture is ideal.  Because this material is light, can adopt any fun shape, and has aesthetic appeal, it’s a preferred material. One of the outstanding examples is the Panton chair, which is all plastic, and stackable. Verner Panton is the designer of this creation.

So experiment with plastic textures and other materials. These can be PVC, crystal, and faux animal furs. The pop style allows mixing them to create original and fun environments. Be brave and take a break from your usual style and change the look of your house. Try pop style!