The Panton Chair: Fantastic Plastics

The Panton chair is one of the most famous chairs in the world.
The Panton Chair: Fantastic Plastics

Last update: 03 August, 2019

Every now and then, a new design comes along that changes the world of interior decor forever. The Panton chair is one of those designs.

Also known as the “S Chair”, the Panton chair is one of Danish designer Verner Panton‘s greatest masterpieces. It was the first-ever chair to be molded from a single piece of plastic and is easily recognizable by its S-shape design and bright, eye-catching colors.

This creation is one of the most fascinating designs of the 20th Century. Although it first appeared over 50 years ago, this timeless piece of furniture has lost none of its wow-factor. It’s a fantastic element for any modern or classical interior.

The Panton chair: the enemy of formality.

The Sixties: the interior design boom

Red Panton chair.

Verner Panton first designed this chair back in the early 1960s. The sixties were a time of unprecedented change, full of political, social, cultural and, of course, aesthetic upheaval.

The various movements and revolutions taking place left their mark on the world of interior design, giving rise to new ways of thinking and releasing a wave of creativity unlike any the world had ever seen.

At the same time, scientists were making huge technological advances, sparking great optimism and a feeling that “anything was possible”. In fact, this became the motto of an entire generation.

As a result of this new mentality, there was a huge demand for bright colors, new materials, and more exciting designs.

A new movement rose up, rebelling against the established order and replacing it with more progressive and innovative designs. Closely related to pop art, followers of this movement demanded a new aesthetic, that was at once ephemeral and mass-produced.

The Panton chair: the importance of chromatic variety

These chairs are available in a range of different colors.

The use of new synthetic materials had finally made the mass production of low-cost products possible. Panton himself assured that his chair would be available in a rainbow of different colors so that consumers could choose the perfect one for their home.

People quickly abandoned the idea of having one set of furniture for life and began to follow the new trends proposed by designers. As a result, the sixties became the era of the interior design boom.

Avant-garde design

Patio dining room area.

The Panton chair is an authentic reflection of the experimental mentality that ruled the sixties:

  • The futuristic design and innovative material have made these chairs a reference point in the history of design.
  • Their original shape combines energy and elegance in equal measure. While it might be considered a masterpiece of modern art, the panton chair is still extremely comfortable and practical.
  • Panton designed his chairs in such a way that they curve to match the shape of the human body. Made from a single piece of plastic, they are robust and stable.
  • They have also been designed so that they can be stacked together, making them easier to store. The overall appearance of the chair is really striking and beautiful. Even today, more than five decades after its creation, the Panton chair hasn’t aged and continues to look contemporary and fresh.

The legacy of the Panton chair

The history of the Panton chair.

Panton’s unique design made waves around the world. The original shape and light material caused a sensation, both in the world of interior design and in the fashion industry.

As a result, you can still find this piece in museum collections and interior decor journals held up as a beacon of innovative design.

The Panton chair always received great recognition from designers and even won international awards. In the 1990s, it made a comeback and featured heavily in fashion and media.

As a result, the Panton chair once again grew in popularity. After appearing on the cover of Vogue, in Nick Knight’s famous Kate Moss photo, it was considered the sexiest chair in the world.

Today, the Panton chair has reinvented itself, thanks to new technology that allows it to be produced more cheaply, making it affordable for any budget.

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