Off to India with IKEA's New URSPRUNGLIG Collection!

We're going all the way to India with IKEA's URSPRUNGLIG collection. This limited edition collection is bursting with colors and exotic designs.
Off to India with IKEA's New URSPRUNGLIG Collection!

Last update: 12 February, 2020

Love bold colors, winding lines and exotic details? Well, you’re going to love IKEA’s new URSPRUNGLIG collection! Designers Eva Lundgren and Synnove Mork traveled to India to produce every last piece in the collection, filling it with the spirit of the Far East.

The loving relationship between IKEA and India as been around for 30 some years. Since their beginning, they’ve collaborated and learned from each other. And to honor that relationship, IKEA has launched a textile collection 100% inspired in India’s textures, colors, and shapes.

The URSPRUNGLIG collection is only available for a limited time because it uses sustainable methods and works directly with Indian artisans.

Travel to exotic lands with IKEA’s URSPRUNGLIG


IKEA sent both head designers to India to let their imagination run free and explore the smells, nature, lights, tastes… everything about India and translate it all into fabrics.

Lundgren states, ” I was inspired by the small, secret gardens that I would discover while walking down the streets of Bangalore. At first, you don’t see the gardens, but you may catch a scent in the air, like spices of flowers, and then enter into a magical space filled with color and life. Flowers are very much a part of India and an important part of religious practice. Indian people buy fresh flower blossoms and garlands at the early morning markets to take home or bring to temples as an offering.”

Meanwhile, Mork remarked that “The stricter Swedish design tradition is different than the rolling softness of the Indian pattern. I love the different qualities of Indian line motifs, from really coarse to tenderly thin.”

What can you discover in the URSPRUNGLIG collection?

A floral tablecloth

URSPRUNGLIG tablecloth

Cool Swedish temperatures are gently warmed up with this colorful tablecloth full of wildlife motifs. It comes in a 145 x 200 cm size and costs 17.99 euros. It is also available in a white and blue design. And it doesn’t stop there, the collection also includes a matching table runner to decorate your table after meals.

Kitchen textiles

URSPRUNGLIG kitchen textiles

Napkins and kitchen towels feature beautiful plaid designs along with gentle, organic patters to convert your meals into a special event.



And of course, rugs are an important part of IKEA’s India-inspired collection. The collection offers two rugs: one is black and white with a small floral pattern that seems like it’s moving, the other is smaller and features lively stripes.

You’ll love the pillows the most


Of all the pieces in the new collection, we love the floor pillows and pillow covers the most. Pile them on a couch or bed to add a blast of color. These designs feature splashes of white, black, ocher, green, pink, and blue.

Stripes to decorate your bed


IKEA’s URSPRUNGLIG blanket is perfect for spring decor. It features colorful stripes and is 230 x 250 cm.

Check out the entire collection on IKEA’s website and experience how irresistible it is firsthand. It’s available now but like we said before, only for a limited time. So what’s your favorite piece?