Natalia Miyar - Unique Interior Design

Natalia Miyar appears on the list of the 100 best interior designers published by the House & Garden magazine. Her very personal style has captivated the design industry. We'll tell you all about her in today's article.
Natalia Miyar - Unique Interior Design

Last update: 18 August, 2020

Today we add another famous interior designer to the list of our favorites. Natalia Miyar is one of those intuitive creators in love with beauty who have made interior design a living art.

With her impeccable architectural technique applied to decoration, she has managed to earn a place on the 100 best designers list published by House & Garden magazine.

Natalia Miyar has an extraordinary understanding of balance and proportion. However, she’s also able to easily bypass all the rigid rules of interior design to apply her intuitive talent. Influenced by different cultures, this young woman combines different styles to achieve magnificent results.

While her origin is Cuban, she spent her childhood between Mexico and Miami. Then she settled in London. This life experience strongly marked Natalia Miyar’s tendencies in terms of color, textures, and vision of spaces. Therefore, her interior designs perfectly capture her life between two cultures.

The mix between the earthy, sienna, and ocher colors of her time in Mexico boldly combine with the blues of the sea and the greens of the tropical plants of her life in Miami.

She then adds to both elements the solid base of the stone and urban grays of old Europe. Finally, the result is an exquisite blend of European design with the most remarkable of American audacity.

The training and inspiration of Natalia Miyar

A blue and gray dining room designed by Natalia Miyar
Living-dining room /

Natalia Miyar studied Art History at Brown University in Rhode Island. Her destiny seemed to lead her to teach art. But her love of interior design and architecture took her back to college. It was here where she studied for a master’s degree in architecture.

This young woman has almost eight years of training behind her. The influence of her love for art history reflects vividly on her work. So much so, that Miyar often comments on how much the vision of Gustav Klimt’s portrait of Fritza Riedler influenced her when she traveled to Vienna.

The rich tactile pattern, and the density of the layers of paint, turned this painting into one of Miyar’s aesthetic references. It was also one of her main influences when designing her decoration studio in London.

She also finds inspiration for her interior design work in nature, travel, and haute couture materials. Glamour is another fixed element that accents all of her works.

Natalia creates a type of glamour that turns the spaces she designs into desirable and immersive, but with an incredible feeling of comfort. She calls it effortless luxury – a concept that she has perfectly developed.

The architectural influence on Natalia Miyar’s work

A modern living room designed by Natalia Miyar
Living room /

Since opening her own decoration studio in London, Natalia Miyar has created numerous design works around the world. Her international prestige is supported by the holistic approach that she’s able to trace in her designs.

Much of her work involves interior architecture. In other words, Natalia Miyar considers each project as a whole, from the design of the space to the small finishing details.

In the interior design concept of this extraordinary artist, there’s no place for quality textiles if they aren’t in the right place.

Her main goal is to create a space that works and is more than just aesthetically appealing. If the space is wrong, the rest is meaningless, no matter how beautiful it may be.

Natalia Miyar offers her clients meaningful designs that fit their taste and also the context where they’re located. She emphasizes spacial sequence and makes sure that it’s always harmonious, fluid, and combined with attractive and comfortable finishing details.


Hotel room designed by Miyar
Decoration /

Natalia Miyar is a master at perfectly combining her personal accents in interior design with the taste and personality that defines their owners.

The personal narrative of the people who own the houses, hotels, and buildings that she decorates are an important part of a comprehensive design that she handles masterfully.

In other words, she ensures that the elements that represent the owners have a special place and match the result of her work fluidly.

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