Matching Fabrics Like a Pro

Thanks to their great variety and versatility, you can use fabrics to create and transform all kinds of settings. Here are some decor keys for matching them and using them to balance and contrast your home.
Matching Fabrics Like a Pro

Last update: 02 February, 2020

Fabrics play an important role in a room’s color palette. Solid-colored or patterned, plaid or striped, curtains, blankets or pillows all enrich a setting and add warmth.

They have a big effect on color palettes, which makes them a key component in home decor.

Thus, they’re a wonderful resource than can tie your home decor together. And that’s precisely why understanding how to match them correctly is essential.

Fabrics – color and variety

fabric color variety

Fabrics don’t only offer home decor color but variety as well with their patterns and textures. Said variety changes the effects that colors have.

If you want to create a subtle contrast, use fabrics with small splashes of contrasting colors. For example, look for options with specks or stripes.

Checkers or big diamonds can give your pieces a stronger presence. Details matter so make sure to choose options that the sensations that you want to transmit.

Patterns and prints – an important decision

fabrics patterns

Understanding that colorful patterns create lively decor is crucial. When you use colorful patterns, remember to match or tastefully contrast them with the surrounding decor.

Don’t forget that designs that use small images are hard to see unless they have strong colors. On the other hand, designs with big images can create a cozy setting. But be careful as they can easily draw too much attention.

You can also match your different patterns as long as they share the same color palette or design. For example, try different pieces in complementary colors for interesting decor.

Matching different fabric pieces

At one point or another, you’ve probably wondered how to match fabrics by color, texture or patterns. But don’t worry about it too much because we’re here to guide you to expert status.

White and off-white – a safe bet

fabrics white

White upholstery and curtains can enhance light and make spaces look bigger. That means using such fabrics in your living room or bedroom can help create bright, peaceful settings.

But how can you keep it from being monotonous? It’s easy, use earthy colors for accessories to add a perfect finishing touch.

Color family

In the process of matching upholstery and accessories, try using fabrics that share the same color palette and play around with solid-colors or patterns.

Here’s a helpful tip – upholster an armchair with patterned fabric, but make sure that the base color is the same as your couch or curtains.

Fabrics – using two colors

fabrics two colors

Choosing two colors instead of one for your fabrics is a good idea for decorating big living rooms or bedrooms.

Create a stronger sense of dynamism by mixing and matching the colors in upholstery and decor accessories for a beautiful dance of color.

Balance with neutral tones

For bedrooms, you should use your fabrics to create a serene, relaxing setting. To make it happen, we recommend using neutral colors and playing with different textures and patterns.

Try mixing and matching them in your bedding, curtains, pillows, upholstery, and fall in love with the balanced result.

Add a touch of warmth

Fabrics that are soft and nice to touch fill settings with warmth. By using lightweight options in your bedroom along with a chenille- or velvet-upholstered armchair and a tweed blanket will create a snug atmosphere.

Mix and match colors and patterns

Bedrooms for children or adolescents are perfect canvases for playing with color and patterns. You can match patterned fabrics by first choosing two basic colors, like strawberry pink and off-white. Then throw in stripes and plaid patterns.

Whatever you end up doing, we’ll always want to know the results!