Loft Decoration - Creativity and Ingenuity

We want to help you plan and decorate so that you can have a super-chic loft.
Loft Decoration - Creativity and Ingenuity

Last update: 14 September, 2020

Lofts have become more fashionable than ever. They’re open spaces full of light that invite you to use your imagination and knowledge about interior design to give them that touch of warmth that every home needs. We’re going to help you with decorating open spaces so you can show off a super chic home.

A bit of history of lofts

Bedroom loft

For several years now, lofts have become essential for a modern dream home. However, do you know anything about their history?

They’re urban buildings that have their origin in the neighborhoods of New York in the 50s, such as Soho or Tribeca. Many industries were established in these neighborhoods that, over time, went in search of large land at a better price, leaving the industrial buildings empty.

This is how they began to turn into ideal homes for young bohemians, artists, and intellectuals, who were looking for large spaces to live in and shape their creativity. Also, and importantly, the rents were very cheap

Over time, the high ceilings, iron beams, concrete floors, exposed brick, spaces without divisions and large windows have become integral parts of these popular homes. This has, of course, raised their prices. 

You can have an industrial-inspired house and learn to decorate open spaces with these tips. Get your pen and pad out, because we’re about to show you how.

How do you create a little privacy?

Open spaces tend to enchant us… or at least they do in theory. However, things get more complicated when it comes to privacy.

The key is to separate the rooms without turning the space into a typical compartmentalized apartment. Is this possible? Of course it is!

Decorating open spaces – the magic of screens

Wooden bedroom screens

As well as being practical, these screens are decorative and you can put them up and take them down easily. You can also store them anywhere, you don’t need to do work on them and they are effective in differentiating areas within the same environment.

How about putting up a screen in your bedroom that separates the bed area from the dressing room? At Maisons du Monde they have plenty of options the screen that best suits your needs.

Using furniture

Furniture for separating spaces

Furniture can also help you divide areas, so you can use a shelf to separate the living room from the dining room or put a desk at the back of the sofa to create a small office.

Magic doors

Sliding doors when decorating open spaces

What we’re talking about are sliding doors. Sliding doors, or magic doors, are wonderful for separating rooms when you need to. They give you the flexibility you require, and if you use a recessed design, it will take up very little space. They’re ideal in open kitchens as you can close them when you cook or when you don’t want your guests to see what’s behind them.

Some architectural ideas

Arc rooms

Columns, arches, or pillars are elements that will give you a lot to play with visually when decorating open spaces. They are beautiful, they separate areas and, in the case of columns, they can serve as support for a counter.

Two levels

Open floors

Another charming thing about open spaces is the height. With high ceilings, you can play around with the stairs and even put your bedroom on a mezzanine.

Lots of glass

Decorating open spaces

When you need to divide spaces, glass panels or bricks can help without visually cutting off the feeling of spaciousness. Some are colored, which creates a warm environment.

Decorating open spaces means you can have larger furniture. But also, you can add a splash of color with accessories and display striking and eye-catching items. For example, a large industrial-style ceiling lamp or big paintings. Don’t limit yourself, open up your creativity and your spaces.