Learn How to Clean Your Porcelain Floor With These Tricks

Today, we'll recommend the best way to clean your porcelain floor. Learn how to maintain and clean your floor with our tricks. We promise you're going to love the results!
Learn How to Clean Your Porcelain Floor With These Tricks

Last update: 31 January, 2023

Although your porcelain floor is resistant and durable, there’s a specific way in which you need to clean it. Regardless of its finish and whether it’s a matte or wood effect, the tricks that we’ll give you will be useful.

Continue reading to discover the tips and tricks to enjoying a clean floor in no time!

Tricks to clean your porcelain floor

Porcelain flooring has become a trend in interior design. This coating is made of stoneware and porcelain and it’s very easy to install. In addition, it gives you plenty of options when choosing the finish of your floor.

Among its main characteristics, it’s resistant and durable, although its price can be high when we compare it to other options on the market. However, despite looking so delicate, it’s very easy to maintain and clean.

Next, we’ll share some useful tricks that you can apply to help you do the job more efficiently.

Clean the dust from the porcelain floor.
The first step to effectively cleaning your porcelain floor is to collect the dust.

1. Clean your porcelain floor with vinegar

Vinegar is the quintessential home hack when it comes to cleaning. Therefore, we’ll start this list of tricks to clean your porcelain floors with this natural ingredient.

In this case, the best way to use it is by adding a generous amount to the water that you’ll use to scrub the floor. If you don’t have this ingredient, you can use a neutral pH cleaning product. Then, with a dry cloth take the opportunity to remove any stains that may have remained and dry the floor thoroughly.

Now if your floor is dirty, add some detergent to the mix. Keep in mind that detergent will generate a lot of foam, so you must moderate the amount you use otherwise it’ll take longer to clean.

2. Baking soda and vinegar for imitation wood

If you have a wood-imitation porcelain floor at home, then you should clean it with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

This preparation will make your floor shine with the intensity of the first day you installed it. You’ll need to add the ingredients to the water and scrub the floor. Then, you can use a microfiber mop to dry and shine it.

3. Use baking soda in hot water for matte porcelain

If your porcelain floor has a matte finish, you should clean it in a different way, so that it looks even, without stains. To do this, add some baking soda to very hot water and scrub the floor with a soft brush to remove troublesome stains.

After this step, clean the floor with water and dry it with a microfiber mop. Pass the mop over the floor as many times as necessary to remove stains.

Prevention of accidents on wet floors
The microfiber mop will help to dry your floor and it won’t leave stains or specks.

4. Use hot water with vinegar to shine

To shine your porcelain floor, regardless of the design, we recommend using the following trick. Mix vinegar with warm water and scrub the floor with a very soft cloth or brush. Then, blot dry with a microfiber mop until any stains are gone and the space shines.

Of course, it should be noted that when your floor begins to look tired and dull, none of these shining tricks will work. In this instance, it’s time to try a specialized service, in which a polisher is usually used.

5. Tricks to clean the porcelain floor after redecorating

After any redecorating or renovation type of work dust gathers everywhere and the floor is no exception. In that case, you’ll need to use warm water to loosen the remaining dirt particles. Then, use a well-wrung mop to remove the water with the dirt, and do this at least twice.

If the floor is heavily soiled, use a soft brush to remove the dirt. Then continue with the above step for using a well-wrung mop and that’s it.

Avoid using these products to clean your porcelain floor

We’ve already explained how to clean your porcelain floor using products you may already have at home, but we must make you aware of the products you should never use.

When it comes to porcelain floors, waxes or varnishes are your enemies! They add a layer of oil that can be dangerous, slippery, and cause falls. Likewise, other products such as ammonia or acid and corrosive liquids must be avoided, since they can cause irreparable damage.