Bad Cleaning Habits that You Should Forget

Bad household cleaning habits end up making your efforts to maintain cleanliness futile. Identify and eradicate them to make your home a more inviting place.
Bad Cleaning Habits that You Should Forget

Last update: 16 February, 2022

There are some bad cleaning habits that we all do over and over again without realizing they’re unnecessary. Identifying them will help you to improve your cleaning processes and leave your home sparkling.

By avoiding bad cleaning habits, your home will stay clean and be a comfortable place for your family to enjoy in safety.

Read on to identify your bad cleaning habits and the things that need improvement. Ready to achieve optimal cleanliness in your home?

Bad cleaning habits that you should forget

Understanding which cleaning habits are bad, pointless, or even dangerous is important. Over time, you’ll soon forget them and perform your cleaning tasks with total efficiency.

Always start cleaning from the highest point in the room

sweep the house well

It’s common to start cleaning each room with a vacuum or a broom and sweep the dust and dirt from the floor. However, the direction in which this task is done is highly relevant. Typically, we all start cleaning without thinking about it, but it’s recommendable to start from the top down or from the inside out. By doing this, you’ll guarantee that the dirt doesn’t return to the area that you’ve already cleaned when you’re cleaning another section of the room.

You should keep this in mind and also make sure that you don’t step on sections you’ve already cleaned.

Change your cleaning sponges frequently

Scouring pads, cloths and sponges are very useful cleaning tools in the kitchen and bathroom. A bad habit is having only one for both areas. This is because cross-contamination can occur from bacteria. Keep in mind that by their very nature, you should always keep separate cleaning cloths for these rooms.

Change these items as often as you can and preferably, at least every month. To optimize their useful life, wash them well after each use and leave them in a place where they can drain and dry well.

Leaving damp cloths in containers without drainage can cause the retained water to pool which creates an ideal environment for microorganisms and bad odors.

Don’t apply cleaning products directly onto surfaces

clean surfaces

It’s a mistake to apply cleaning products directly to surfaces, especially if you have marble floors or synthetic coatings. Instead, apply the products directly onto the mop or cloth and then clean. This also applies to furniture and other decorative elements.

Equally, it’s advisable to read the instructions before using each product. This is because some must be diluted in water before use or they’ll react badly with other substances. For all of these reasons, it’s best to stay safe and follow the instructions.

Bad cleaning habits: don’t use the same cloth to clean different surfaces

Using the same cloth for everything is a really bad cleaning habit. Always keep one specific cloth for cleaning each item separately, such as the kitchen counter, washing the dishes, and the shower door.

Have one cloth as a duster, another to apply cleaning products and another to dry the surface. By doing this, you’ll always achieve a good result and avoid spreading the dirt from one surface to the other.

Don’t go overboard with detergent

Always remember that using more detergent isn’t synonymous with greater cleanliness. Ideally, just use a little on a cloth or scouring pad when needed. However, don’t skimp on water because it’s vitally important when it comes to removing product residue.

This advice applies even to laundry; don’t overdo the soap, and try to use enough water to rinse your laundry well. This way you’ll prevent bad odors and even skin allergies.

Make sure you dry your towels well

Bad towel cleaning habits

When we talk about cleaning, we’re also referring to laundry. It’s essential to take care of your towels because, with each use, these items become damp. If you leave them like this, you’ll create the perfect environment for bad odors, bacteria, and microorganisms.

After each use, place your towels in an area where they’ll dry completely. Once this happens, you can place them back in the bathroom.

Bad cleaning habits: not cleaning your cleaning implements

Every time you use your cleaning implements and accessories you must clean them, once you’ve finished. With prolonged use, bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms can remain on them. This advice applies especially to cloths, mops, scouring pads, or sponges.

At the end of your cleaning day, wash all your cleaning items and leave them to dry. When it comes to storage containers for your cleaning products, don’t forget to clean them too. 

Now you know the bad cleaning habits that’ll spoil your good work. Just remember not to repeat them again!