Learn How to Store Your Cleaning Products

Storing your cleaning products correctly is simple to implement and important for everyone's safety. We'll give you some useful tips to help you achieve this.
Learn How to Store Your Cleaning Products

Last update: 15 January, 2022

When it comes to cleaning your home doubts often arise about how to safely store the products you use. This is an issue that’s often neglected, but it’s really important, especially if you have children or pets.

Leaving cleaning products just anywhere is dangerous since most of the components are toxic and can even cause poisoning if they’re ingested. Chemical components can adversely affect people, pets, and even plants.

Another aspect to consider is the condition of the cleaning products you own. Products that aren’t sealed properly or stored on their sides tend to spoil quickly. This is because some compounds are sensitive to external factors such as air, heat, and direct exposure to the sun, among others.

Tips for storing your cleaning products

grooming products.

Now that you understand why you need to properly store your cleaning products, it’s time to learn some tips that’ll help you carry out this task. Not only will you protect your family, but you’ll save money by preventing products from being damaged and needing to be replaced.

Store your cleaning products in a safe place

A safe place to store cleaning products is one that’s hidden from view, inaccessible, and above ground level. By doing this, your children or pets won’t stumble upon these items or have easy access to them.

Equally, it’s better to store your cleaning products above ground level. Make sure that you don’t store them in direct sunlight, near a heat source, or in a focus area. Avoid attracting attention to their existence in terms of colors and decor. This will ensure that your children aren’t curious or try to see what’s in the box or behind the cupboard door.

If you find it difficult to implement all of these characteristics in your home, you should at least have a locked drawer away from any heat sources. A lock is important because only you or whoever has the key will be able to access the contents.

Make sure you store them in a ventilated area

If you have or can create a safe storage place at home for your cleaning products, that’s great. However, there’s something else that you also need to consider: ventilation. Regardless of where that storage area is (under the stairs, your basement, bathroom, kitchen, or garage), you must ventilate the area at least twice a week.

The easy way to do this is to regularly open the doors of that storage space. At the same time, you can also check for and clean up any spillages.

Keep in mind the expiration dates of your cleaning products

When cleaning products exceed their expiration dates they can become dangerous. That’s right! Just as it happens with food, it also happens with cleaning products; they can reach the end of their lifespan and must be discarded. It should be taken into account that bleach, glass cleaner, laundry soap, or dishwashing products, among others, are in themselves toxic. Their toxicity actually increases when they expire.

For this reason, when you do your ventilation session, check the labels. If they’re due to expire, use them, and if they’ve already expired, dispose of them properly. When buying new products, and to avoid confusion, store them towards the back and remember to use the ones at the front first.

Don’t change original containers

Ventilate the storage area.

One of the most common mistakes when storing cleaning products is changing their original containers. It’s best to avoid doing this because the containers that each product comes in are designed to contain any hazard. We’re going to give you some examples so that you understand the importance of this advice.

If you’re going to place a very acidic substance in a plastic container, it can melt the container and spill. If you’re going to transfer a liquid that comes in a plastic container to a metal one, the components can react and cause odors that are harmful to health or alter their function.

Keep in mind that reusing juice or beverage containers for your toiletries or cleaning products can be especially dangerous. Someone at home could mistake the contents and accidentally ingest a toxic liquid, endangering their life.

If you have a large storage space, use organizers

There are a wide variety of organizers on the market that can help you keep your cleaning products in order. Take the measurements of the storage area and buy a selection of organizers that fit well and will be useful in the development of this task.

Sort your cleaning products

Finally, and to avoid confusion, it’s best practice to store cleaning products according to their classification. As an example, mark each container with the name of the liquid and place the largest ones at the bottom, so you will have a general view of what you have when you open the drawer or cupboard.

This will also be very useful for those who aren’t familiar with your storage and who may need to access your cleaning products.

Ready to store your cleaning products correctly?

You now have the most useful and simple tips to store your cleaning products correctly, so go do it without delay! This won’t take long and you, your family, your children, and your pets will always be safe.

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