Practical Tips to Make Your Closet Smell Good

Take the time to identify the source of any bad odors in or around your closet and put an end to them. We have several tips to share that you can implement simultaneously and attack the problem from all angles.
Practical Tips to Make Your Closet Smell Good

Last update: 06 February, 2022

We want to share some useful and practical tips to make your closet smell good. We know very well that there’s nothing more uncomfortable than opening your closet and being confronted with a bad smell. Worse still, is taking your clothes out to find that this stale and unpleasant smell is still lingering.

This can potentially have a real impact on your security and state of mind, since you feel that everyone will judge you. Without a doubt, bad smells will make you have a bad day. Before this happens to you, take the necessary measures to take care of everything you store inside your closet.

Tips to make your closet smell good

Before delving into the tips to make your closet smell good, give it the importance that this piece of furniture deserves. Inside your closet, you keep your clothes, shoes, and other personal items, which you also need to take good care of. Once you internalize this, you’ll begin to take care of everything intuitively.

Identify bad odors and eradicate them

bad smell in clothes

In order for your closet to smell good, you need to identify the possible sources of any bad smells. Clothes, shoes and other items that you keep there and that have contact with the outside can generate bad smells. You also have to consider the material that your clothes are made of and the age of your furniture. Since these materials may be the source of the problem.

The bad smell could even come directly from the walls, mold, or from humidity. In addition to generating bad odors, mold and humidity can damage clothing and even the furniture itself. If this is your case, an expert builder can repair and eliminate the source of the problem.

Clean your closet so it’s spotless

Cleaning your closet is important to make it smell good. However, you have to do this thoroughly to also prevent the smell from the cleaning products from being transferred to your clothes. As such, whenever you clean your closet, it’s necessary to take out all your clothes and accessories.

Then, ventilate your furniture well and wipe it with a dry cloth to remove any remaining product. Don’t use bleach under any circumstances! This product can spoil the material of your closet and will impregnate the entire area with its aroma.

The most recommendable option is to remove dust and then clean the closet with a little water and baking soda. Once dry, organize your things and leave them in their correct and designated place.

Make your closet smell good: wash your clothes properly

Put a washer.

On many occasions, and when it comes to closets, the source of bad smells isn’t the furniture as such, but the clothes themselves. Some laundry products such as soap or fabric softener can cause odors if residues are left on clothes. In addition to the annoying aroma, this can cause skin irritation when you wear the affected items.

To avoid this, don’t exceed the amount of product you use and use it according to the weight of your laundry. Make sure that all the residue has been rinsed away and that each item is dried properly before putting it away. By doing this, your closet and everything inside it will smell great.

Don’t store wet clothing

Another important tip for your wardrobe to smell good has to do with storing wet clothes and we’re not just talking about poor drying processes after washing. We’re talking about the garments you’ve worn without washing, such as sports clothes.

Some people remove their gym clothes and leave them in a laundry basket or area before they put them into the washing machine. However, this can be the source of bad odors, since the bacteria present in sweat decomposes and secretes a bad smell.

In this situation, dry your gym clothes first, then you can put them in your designated pre-wash area.

Use essence of your choice

Aroma diffuser to make the wardrobe smell good

If you also want your clothes and closet to smell of something in particular, identify the aroma that you like and place essence in your closet using an aroma diffuser. You can choose from spray-type containers, bamboo sticks, tea-type bags and automatic devices. Hopefully, depending on the potency of the device you choose, you’ll be able to dissipate the scent throughout your bedroom too.

Take the time to identify the source of bad odors in or around your closet and put an end to them. We’ve given you several tips that you can implement simultaneously and attack the problem from all angles.