Know How to Add Value to Your Home?

There are a lot of ways to increase your home value. Read our tips and your home value will increase considerably.
Know How to Add Value to Your Home?

Last update: 13 June, 2019

Are you thinking about putting your house up for sale or rent? Then remember that you can add value to your home by making a handful of changes. A fresh coat of paint, updated and tidied up rooms, the right lighting and a different layout can increase your home value more than you might think.

Add more value to your home

Love at first sight

home value first sight

First impressions are always important. They stir up feelings that ultimately impact perception. Consequently, keeping your home in good shape is crucial: make sure that your home is clean and free of odors, remember to paint your ceilings and walls, and ensure that nice lighting creates warmth.

How about tearing a wall down?

home value wall

There are no questions about current home layout trends: people look for spaciousness more than anything so try removing unnecessary walls and doors.

One of the hottest options to try is an open concept kitchen. These layouts will surely add more sophistication to any home. We recommend installing glass walls that’ll allow you to open and close whenever you want to attract potential buyers.

An environmentally responsible home

home value environment

More and more people are looking for eco-friendly homes. Buyers want homes that help the planet and as a response, you should adapt your home to reduce its ecological footprint.

For example, you could install automatic lights or even solar panels. And remember, energy-efficient home appliances or a modern boiler are also options to consider.

Check your installations

home value installations

Pipes wear down as do wires, boilers… and regulations change from time to time, too. Renew your home’s installations. Your home will consume less and that’s always a selling point for potential buyers.

Change your walls

home value walls

Say goodbye to stucco; it’ll make anyone looking at your home run away. Check out this guide to remove it.

Invest in smooth walls with a fresh coat of paint. Go for neutral, light and warm colors; your best bet will be white. White never fails and the future buyer can just paint over it with the color of their choice later.

New bathroom: an absolute must

home value new bathroom

If you want to transmit cleanliness, quality and a home that’s up-to-date, change your bathroom. New bathrooms are a basic step for increasing home value.

The toilets, as with everything else, should be new. Check out your bathroom to see if it needs new walls and floors or just a touch-up.

And what about the kitchen?

home value kitchen

We already went over the value in having an open concept kitchen. But if you want to take it a step further, leave a small space for a home office corner or breakfast bar. They’re key pieces for creating a little personality for a home.

Update your floors

home value floors

New floors are a big investment, but they’ll increase your home value immensely. Today’s trends are hydraulic or natural wood floors; the lighter, the better. Your home will look flawless with new floors.

Mind the details

Home value woodwork

Replace or paint your doors, cabinets, and baseboards— especially if they’re dark. Here’s a tip: choose white wood. This fits any style or time period and it brightens up a setting.

If you have old windows, change them

home value windows

Aside from the aesthetic value, consider that windows should also provide insulation against temperature and noise. High-quality windows are a must.

The best options are double-pane models. These windows will allow you to make the most out of your air-conditioning and heating. The amount of energy they help you save is substantial, making them the best potential investment ever.

Smart home

home value smart home

If you’re looking to add value to your home in a modern way, consider home automation. Connect your voice to your home’s electricity and information systems; it can boost your quality of life considerably. Pre-set heating, open and close blinds at the touch of a button, or control your security cameras with voice-command from anywhere in the world.

To sum up the ways for adding value to your home: your kitchen and bathroom should be as modern as possible. In addition, your light, water and gas installations should be new. What you do with your doors and windows depends on their current state, but you can always freshen them up with a coat of paint.