Ideas for Decorating a White Interior

Decorating your home in white is always a wise move; it will bring light into your space and can be combined with all sorts of colours.
Ideas for Decorating a White Interior

Last update: 18 May, 2019

A white interior is closely associated with purity, calm and, above all, light. However, the color white can also strike fear into many homeowners, as it can sometimes appear too dazzling and makes dirt more noticeable.

But, don’t let this put you off creating a beautiful white interior for your home. This post will explain the best methods for achieving the perfect white look. 

The key to decorating white interiors

If you’re looking for a shade that brings more light into a room and gives the impression of increased space in your home, white is the color for you. White has many attributes and benefits, meaning it is increasingly used in interior decoration.

White is most recommended for smaller rooms with low ceilings or that lack direct sunlight. Best of all, white provides a perfect contrast with almost any other color.

If you’re a lover of purity, light and open spaces in your home, then white interiors are perfect for you. You can use all sorts of white materials, objects and furniture to give your home a bright and shimmering finish.

If you don’t want to be so bold as to make everything “white and pure” in your home, we would recommend that you introduce other, lighter colors, such as beige, light grey, silver or ivory. This will allow you to create a more subtle, original and less monochromatic look.

It’s also possible to create a contrast using objects or accessories that stand out. You can do this with blue pillows, a brown lamp, a purple blanket or a gold photo frame. You could use anything!

In terms of the “cons” of this design, it’s worth considering that, for some people, white walls and furniture can make it difficult to sleep at night, or at least until you get used to the decor. If you have kids or pets white can also be difficult to keep clean. A solution to this is to use washable paint on your walls and easily washable fabrics.

Combining materials in white interiors

It’s important to first establish the style that you would like to create in your home or in the room that you want to decorate in white. It’s then essential to consider what furniture, accessories or objects you will incorporate into the room, as well as the materials you will use. Some pairings are:

1. White + wood

You can create a classic look by having a white floor in your living room or a wooden table in your kitchen with white walls. Another option is to opt for a Nordic style, where the furniture is made of wood and white is used to complement it.

2. White + steel

Chrome steel with a shiny surface is the material that goes best with white interior decoration. But, where can you use it? You can use it for taps, window frames or with a vase, for example.

3. White + fabric

This combination offers the most variations and looks perfect in bedrooms and in reception rooms. You could use fluffy carpets, curtains that allow light into the room, decorative rugs or table cloths.

4. White + marble

Although you wouldn’t believe it, this combination is perfect for a variety of rooms, from your living room to the hallway or reception room. We recommend choosing a marble with green or grey veins or specks, which would be ideal for your kitchen!

5. White + stone

Finally, stone is an essential addition to your white interior if you want to create a rustic style. This can be achieved in a mountain chalet, or even a home in the middle of a city, by using it in combination with timber. Stone can be used in a beautiful chimney or a stove in the middle of your living room, for example.