Indoor Plants That Need Minimum Light

Indoor plants that need only a little light can give a joyful touch to your home.
Indoor Plants That Need Minimum Light

Last update: 10 January, 2021

Indoor plants that need minimum light can give a joyful touch to your home. It’s a joy to bring nature into your life.

If your house has minimum light and you love plants, you can still enjoy them. Although nature needs light to live, there are a lot of indoor plants that need only a little light.

Knowing which plants need less sunlight offers you many options to make your house green. Are you interested in giving a breath of fresh air to your home?

Indoor plants you can put in dark spaces

The best thing about indoor plants is that there’s one for each space. There are big and small ones, with or without flowers, hanging plants, those that need a little or a lot of water, and those that don’t need too much light to grow leafy and healthy.

If your house is dark or your workspace has minimum light, find out which plants are perfect for you. You’ll love them!

Plants for low light spaces

indoor plants that need low light


This is a plant that Instagrammers love. You must have seen it in many houses because it’s suitable for every space and style. They look beautiful, and they can climb and get very large .

The monstera plant can grow in places with little light, although this will affect the size it can reach. It doesn’t need a lot of water since over-watering can be bad for it.

Begonia – one of the indoor plants that need minimum light

Begonias come in many shapes and colors, which make them a favorite to create a pleasant space. Something good about this plant is that it doesn’t demand constant care.

It has beautiful flowers and it’s a tropical plant, so can’t be in cold places. I t’s important to keep it in a warm location and for the earth to be damp all the time. Take a look at Verdecora to learn more about the begonia.

African violet

indoor plants that need low light

This is one of the favorite indoor plants because of its little flowers. It’s perfect for people that think they’re not very good at taking care of plants since it needs minimum light and little water to stay beautiful.

They don’t need special care, but showing a little affection can make them blossom all year long. This plant will fill your home with blue, violet, white, and pink.

Indoor plants that need minimum light – Anthurium

Anthurium is a plant that you might’ve had. It has beautiful heart-shaped leaves and red bracts that can be mistaken for flowers.

It’s another kind of plant that needs minimum light to stay beautiful and it’s easy to take care of it. It needs a good amount of water, but without over-watering. The soil must be damp all the time, but you need to be careful with waterlogging. You can find it on Amazon.


This is an unusual plant due to the distribution of the leaves. It requires a little light, and the watering schedule is perfect for people that don’t know a lot about gardening.

It’s also known for cleaning the toxic particles of chemical cleaners from the air. It’s recommended to put it in a position based on Feng Shui since it’s believed to bring good luck.

These are some of the indoor plants that can survive in rooms with minimum light. Generally, most of them don’t need a lot of water, which is perfect if you’re new to the gardening world.

Add something green to the different spaces of your home and you’ll see how the look & feel changes. Plants improve the aesthetic, clean the air, and make you happy.

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