IKEA’s Green Friday Encouraged a Circular Economy  

We'll take you through what IKEA's Green Friday is and how it works, so you can shop responsibly.
IKEA’s Green Friday Encouraged a Circular Economy   

Last update: 03 February, 2021

Last November IKEA launched its first Green Friday. This move intended to counteract the consumerism of the iconic Black Friday, by promoting the repurchase of furniture from the Swedish firm. IKEA’s Green Friday aimed to promote a circular economy and responsible consumption.

If you’re interested in taking care of the planet and learning about different suggestions on how to have a more socially conscious lifestyle, you’re going to love this initiative.

IKEA’s Green Friday vs Black Friday

IKEA's Green Friday

Black Friday is a tradition born in the United States. It takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday. Black Friday emerged in the 1960s as a way to promote shopping in small businesses. But today it’s the kickoff to the Christmas holiday shopping season. Besides, it offers irresistible discounts to those wanting to get their presents ahead of time.

However, some see this as yet another form of relentless consumerism. In light of this, other types of suggestions are appearing, inviting us to be more sustainable in our shopping habits.

This is how IKEA’s Green Friday was born – as a way to balance the economy and sustainability, promote the circular economy and give objects a second chance. Are you interested in finding out what it’s all about?

IKEA’s social & environmental commitment

Sustainability has always been one of IKEA’s main goals. The Swedish brand strives for attaining a balance between economic growth, a positive impact on society, and environmental regeneration – they have recently announced a large investment destined for this cause.

Designed from this perspective, IKEA’s Green Friday took place globally in 27 countries during Black Friday. Through this action, the company highlights its commitment to become a circular, climate-friendly enterprise by 2030.

Through the repurchase of IKEA furniture, the company aims to encourage a circular economy and responsible consumption, doubling the value of the furniture that clients no longer need.

Upon reselling their used furniture, clients received an IKEA gift card. Although this service has existed in countries like Spain since 2016, designers are working on a new platform to relaunch it.

For Mosiri Cabezas, director of Business Development and Transformation at IKEA Spain, “this action aims to give a second life to thousands of products so that they don’t end up in the trash, because they aren’t trash”.

In short, with this proposition to reuse furniture which is still in a good condition, IKEA is looking to contribute to protecting the planet. On the other hand, this will also help people to access décor at more affordable prices.

How IKEA’s Green Friday Works

IKEA's Green Friday

Depending on the condition of the furniture, the value could reach up to 50% of its original price. During the Green Friday initiative, IKEA members received double their furniture’s usual value. This takes the form of a refund card that will not expire.

Products that IKEA buys back from customers will be offered for sale at the same price as that offered to their original owners. There will be a designated space at IKEA shops called “Circular Hub”.

In addition to promoting a circular economy, the initiative aims to allow IKEA customers to purchase furniture for their homes at a better price. As Mosiri Cabezas points out, “It’s also about taking care of our customers’ pockets. Household needs vary over time and our customers will be able to sell products they no longer use. In return, they’ll be able to buy those they need at a more affordable price.”

In short, these are some of the things that big firms are doing to improve the world. Now you can have that lovely Nordic style at a much more affordable price.

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