IKEA is Lowering Prices

IKEA launches a new campaign in which it lowers the prices of selected products. The objective? May everyone have the home they dream of!
IKEA is Lowering Prices

Last update: 05 May, 2021

The last year has been especially difficult and the economy of many businesses has been seriously affected. In response, IKEA has just launched its new campaign announcing price reductions on up to 130 products during 2021.

The Swedish company states that “we all deserve a real home” and with this gesture, it intends to do its bit to achieve greater economic and social equality.

IKEA pushes the shoulder

Laurent Tiersen, Commercial Director of IKEA in Spain, comments, “… when selecting products we wanted to listen to our customers and lower the price of those most demanded by them.”

The purpose of the Swedish giant is that everyone can build a unique home. To do this, three things are important – safety, style, and opportunities. Hence, IKEA wants to help homeowners, regardless of their home’s size, shape or color, have the life they dream of.

IKEA campaign favorites

Ikea throws its shoulder and lowers prices
Image: www.ikea.com/es

With all the changes that societies have undergone, how spaces are decorated and used has also seen major transformations.

To decide which products would be at lower prices, the preferences of consumers in each country have been taken into account.

Order at home

Teleworking has forced families to better organize their spaces. As you can imagine, storage furniture, shelves, and bookcases have become objects of desire. So, it’s normal that these have become more popular.

On the one hand, there is the famous BILLY shelf. According to IKEA, one has been sold somewhere in the world every 5 seconds since it was launched in 1979. This year it was the third best-selling piece of furniture in Spain and the first in the storage category.

Another must-see is the KALLAX shelf, which is in the top 10 best-selling products every year. Its versatility and ability to add accessories make it a favorite piece of furniture.

IKEA in the bedroom

Another product that you can find on sale is the BRIMNES bed, whose double model was the best-seller in 2020. It has 4 storage drawers, which makes it perfect for small spaces.

The 160-centimeter size, which includes a bed base and frame is a stylish bedroom option. To complete the picture, take a look at the HAMARVIK mattress.

The living room and dining room

Ikea sofa

Undoubtedly, the living room is one of the most used spaces in the home, so having a comfortable sofa is very important. The ESKILSTUNA is a popular choice due to its practicality.

It allows you to place the chaise longue on the right or left of the sofa and change it whenever you want. Plus, it easily converts to a bed, making it an ideal option for small homes.

Another key space in a home is the dining room. For a pleasant family meal, the SKOGSTA table is ideal. It has a rustic style as it is made of acacia wood, which makes each table unique due to the grain and finish of this material.

When it comes to chairs, the ANGRIM has a Scandinavian design and is super comfortable. The best thing about this piece is that it’s suitable for both exteriors and interiors.

A neat and practical bathroom

The bathroom is another space that has the most traffic and hence it’s important to keep it pristine. The GODMORGON washbasin cabinet is one of the favorites. It has two drawers and is ideal if you need storage space to have all your hygiene products organized and at hand.

This IKEA initiative is an example of the commitment that many companies have to make this a better and more democratic world.

You’ll surely find what you’re looking for within your budget. There are textiles for the bed, lamps, things for children’s bedrooms, and much more. You won’t be able to resist!