How to Prevent Your Bathroom Mirrors From Fogging

Preventing your bathroom mirrors from fogging is really easy. After reading this article, you're going to be able to see much more clearly!
How to Prevent Your Bathroom Mirrors From Fogging

Last update: 10 January, 2022

You no longer have to suffer the inconvenience of foggy bathroom mirrors! Today, we’re going to tell you how to prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging with some simple tricks. After reading this, you’ll never feel that cleaning your bathroom mirrors is a thankless task again. 

Before applying our advice, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your bathroom mirrors and we’ll also explain how to do this too. Ready to discover the infallible tricks to prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging?

Why does fogging occur with bathroom mirrors?

Mirrors to multiply the space and give light.

Bathroom mirrors become fogged due to hot water. The vapor that’s produced remains suspended in the air and seeks cooler surfaces on which it can condense. Once you open the bathroom door, the steam will disappear gradually the mist will dissipate.

It’s common practice for most people to take a part of their towel and clean the mirror with it if they need to look at themselves. However, this really isn’t recommended. Doing this makes the mirror’s surface streaky, leaving specks and stains that make the glass look worse for much longer.

Cleaning your bathroom mirrors

In order to prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging and for our tricks to be effective, it’s essential that you thoroughly clean your mirrors first. There are a few ways to do this, so choose the one that suits you best.

  • Option 1: you’ll need a microfiber cloth and a little rubbing alcohol. Use a spray bottle to apply the rubbing alcohol to the glass and use the cloth to rub over the stains. Make sure it’s very clean and shiny.
  • Option 2: make a mixture of water, soap, and white vinegar. Use a piece of newspaper to clean the entire surface. If you wish, you can replace vinegar with lemon juice.

The secret to preventing your bathroom mirrors from fogging

shaving cream to clean mirrors

Now your mirrors are clean, it’s time for you to learn the tricks we’re going to share with you. From now on, a hot shower won’t spoil the great work you’ve already done so far.


Believe it or not, you’re only going to need one product. It’s as follows:

Step by step instructions to prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how you should apply the product that we mentioned:

  • Take the container of shaving foam or car wax and apply some of the product to the mirror that you want to keep fog-free. You can do this by using your hand or a soft cloth.
  • Then, use a cloth to spread the foam/wax all over the mirror. The idea is that you cover the entire mirror.
  • Once the entire mirror is covered in product, use the same cloth to remove it. Do this until all of the product is removed and there’s no residue.
  • Check that the trick has worked. Take a hot shower or turn on the faucet and wait for the steam to come out. Tell us, has it worked for you?

Two other options

The trick that we mentioned is infallible and it works with both shaving foam and car wax. However, there are two other tricks that you can implement that are even simpler and cheaper.

Water and vinegar

Make a mixture of vinegar and water. With it, clean your bathroom mirrors with a soft cloth. By doing this, you’ll not only prevent them from fogging, but thanks to the antibacterial properties of vinegar, you’ll also remove bacteria.

Soap and water

Soap and water are a traditional mix. Just apply it during cleaning and you’re done. It’s just as valid to use hand soap or dishwasher detergent. Although it must be said that it’s not 100 percent effective.

Definitive solutions to prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging

prevent the bathroom mirrors from fogging up permanently

We appreciate that you may also be looking for a definitive method to prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging. In addition to the inconvenience that fogging causes, you may also be concerned about the other effects of steam.

Just as steam condenses on mirrors, it also condenses on floors, making them slippery and potentially causing an accident.

Air extractor fan

The extractor fan is a definitive solution to eliminating any steam that’s produced by hot showers. With this, you’ll not only prevent your mirrors from fogging, but your floor will be much safer.

Additionally, you’ll help to prevent bacteria and fungi from proliferating in the corners or joints of your bathroom. If you can’t contemplate this alternative due to budget, another option is to leave the bathroom door open while you shower.

What did you think of our tricks to keep your bathroom mirror from fogging?

We’ve shared some homemade tricks to prevent your bathroom mirrors from fogging and we promise that you’ll enjoy great results. Choose one or more of these ideas to see which one works best for you. Get ready to say goodbye to that annoying fogging issue and see yourself more clearly from now on!

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