Tricks to Clean Your Home to Ring in the New Year

Cleaning your home to ring in the new year will bring a new vibe with more energy. Moreover, if you plan to entertain guests on New Year's Eve, cleaning your home in advance is more than necessary. Keep reading to learn how!
Tricks to Clean Your Home to Ring in the New Year

Last update: 28 December, 2021

There’s nothing better than a clean home to ring in the new year and receive the best energies. It’s the perfect time to update what you can and even reorganize your spaces. It’s time to restart many things!

Accumulating things that are in poor condition, or those that are dirty and messy can affect your mental and physical health. Therefore, let’s solve all of this! Renew yourself, clean your home and allow better things to come into your life and your home. In fact, if you plan to entertain guests on New Year’s Eve, cleaning your home in advance is more than necessary.

Get motivated to clean your home and ring in the new year

clean the house

Cleaning your home to ring in the new year isn’t a very interesting plan–we do understand that! However, you have to set your mind and think about how satisfying this will be for you. Self-motivate by imagining the faces of your relatives and guests when they arrive. Reflect on how good it’ll make you feel.

Try to take a full day for this task. You’ll soon see that it feels good to start decluttering the things that you no longer use and you’ll be able to free up space too. You may even find misplaced valuable items that you once dismissed as forever lost. To begin, play some music and sing and dance with the hoover.

If after cleaning you want to redistribute your furniture, get inspired by reviewing some trends on the internet. New and better ideas are sure to appear! Finally, since you should welcome a new year in the best possible way, place some floral arrangements with fragrant essences. Don’t forget to end your day of cleaning with a reward: a hot shower, or a glass of wine, and something delicious to eat.

How to maintain year-round order and cleanliness in your home

They say that the most difficult thing about cleaning your home is maintaining order and cleanliness. Well, first of all, try to leave everything in its place at all times and set aside time to clean regularly. In addition, here are a few tips to help you achieve this:

  • Keep your tables tidy and try not to leave too many things on them. With this simple trick, you’ll make order reign with the naked eye!
  • Always keep your closet tidy, wash any clothes as you take them off and fold clean clothes at once, and immediately put them away. Don’t pile your clothes on an armchair or throw them on the floor!
  • Assign a specific place for each of your belongings, so you avoid seeing an unruly trail throughout your home.

A clean home to ring in the new year: where to start?

Purposes to have an orderly house throughout the year

The first and recommended starting point is to complete a general clean of your whole home. Make the beds and fold the clothes away in the closet. After that, follow a more detailed order sequence. Here are some ideas.

  • Make a schedule of your tasks, identify what needs more attention and start with that.
  • Clean your walls well, removing stains and dirt.
  • Clean lamps, tables, and anything else where dust has collected.
  • Don’t forget your windows! An essential part of keeping everything looking clean is having shiny windows.
  • Clean and vacuum your furniture and carpets.
  • Remember that your bathroom is as important as your living room and bedroom.
  • Change your bedding.
  • Make sure your kitchen is as shiny as your bathroom.
  • When it comes to the things that you’re not going to use, but they’re still in good condition, donate them, sell them or give them away.
  • Everything that’s damaged, but you want to keep–restore!

Must have cleaning products

Candles and aromatic plants.

For a general and thorough clean of your home, you don’t need too many cleaning items or expensive products. For this, all you need is water, soap, gloves, a broom, a mop, and a fragranced product of your choice. In the bathroom and kitchen you’ll need a little bleach or if you prefer something more natural, use vinegar and baking soda.

Some people buy aromatic plants so that they impregnate a natural, constant, and long-lasting aroma around the home. If this idea interests you, don’t keep thinking about it, just do it and get ready to ring in the new year at home.

Why is a clean home important to ring in the new year?

Remember that the cleanliness and organization of your home will reflect, in some ways, how you are as a person. Now that a new year is about to begin, reflect the best part of you and allow your visitors to enjoy a little of it too.

By cleaning and organizing your home to receive your guests, you’ll encourage good feeling and good energy. Without realizing it, you’ll attract good and positive things for everyone. Welcome to 2022!