How to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger

Tips for how to arrange every decorative piece in the living room.
How to Make Your Living Room Seem Bigger

Last update: 28 January, 2021


How to make your living room seem bigger

Many people dream of having a bigger living room. They picture those in the movies that have ample space to decorate exactly as you want. However, this is not always the reality of the situation. Often we have to maximize the space we actually have to make the living room seem bigger.

As we know, adding spaciousness to a home is one of the most complex tasks we can tackle. We have to know how to situate every piece of furniture so that it makes the room look bigger. This is not easy. It’s even harder when we don’t want to sacrifice design and functionality.

Obviously, you can’t magically expand your living room space. In today’s post we give you a few tips that will make the living room seem bigger and more cozy. 

Lighting – a key element

Proper lighting is essential in any room. It is especially important if you want to make the living room seem bigger and more spacious. Therefore, you must make sure the room has good lighting at all times.

One way to achieve this is to not hang curtains that are too heavy and do not let light in. It’s best to choose translucent curtains that will allow the light to filter into the space. The sun will provide natural light to the room allowing you to save energy by not having to use artificial lighting.

For nighttime, pay attention to the different points of light. Opt for lighting around the perimeter of the room. Place lighting on both the ceiling and the walls. Play with shadow to hide the true dimensions of the room. It will also provide the room with a more cozy feeling.

Also, using spotlights along with the ceiling lights when eating, reading, working, etc. makes the room seem more spacious. 

Lighting for the living room

Light colors

Light colors are the absolute best choice if you want a feeling of spaciousness anywhere. Perhaps you prefer more vibrant, striking colors in your home. However, if you want to gain space, don’t use them.

The combination of white and wood illuminate and give a warmer ambiance to the room. Visually, they also enlarge the space thereby making the most out of your living room. 

However, you may not like the idea of using white. Don’t worry. There are other options that you might like better. For example, beige, light blue, cream or gray are also good choices. 

All of these shades are excellent options because, as we know, light colors bring light into the environment. This helps to make the room look much bigger than it really is. However, that doesn’t mean we have to give up other colors. We can incorporate smaller pieces that have bolder colors but be careful not to over do it. Including these pieces will add more dynamic contrast to the room.

Living room with light colors

Shape and location of the sofa

The sofa is perhaps the most significant piece in the living room. It is larger and has a much greater presence than the rest of the living room furniture. This is why it is so important to choose the right one.

If the room doesn’t have much space, it is important that the room is not too dark. Just like with the walls, a lighter colored couch will extend the space and a darker one will reduce it.

Normally, you only consider how comfortable the couch is when choosing it. There are other considerations. The wideness of the couch is something else to take into account. If the living room is small, a wide couch will make it smaller. The solution for smaller spaces is to choose independent pieces instead. The flexibility offered by doing so will make the room seem larger.

Sofas take up so much space that it’s really important to plan where they will go. To get a bit more use out of your space, we advise that you place the sofa against a wall. It won’t look as nice as placing it in the middle of the room but the room will look more spacious. There will be more space to move around and it won’t be in the way.

Sectional sofas in the shape of an “L” are another good option. These make very good use of the available space while at the same time creating a cozy atmosphere.

Living room with a sectional sofa

The perfect furniture to make your living room seem bigger

The furniture is something that you must think about if you don’t want to further reduce the dimensions of the living room. Here, we share furniture tips to make your living room seem bigger.

  • One trick is to hang the television on the wall. This also helps to save space and gain depth. It is a very simple way to not crowd other furniture and take advantage of every space in the room.
  • Glass tables are also trending for living rooms. They are ideal for this type of space because they let in light. In addition, being transparent allows the room to look larger because it makes it look less crowded.
  • Mirrors are other pieces that are also used to extend a space. They reflect light and therefore makes the room seem larger. For that reason, they are an excellent choice for maintaining the perfect lighting throughout the day.
Living room furniture

With these tips, making your living room seem bigger is possible.  Apply them and your living room can look like it belongs in a magazine.