How to Have a Hotel Bed at Home

Achieving a hotel bed at home is possible. You simply require a good mattress, quality sheets, and decor that contributes to rest.
How to Have a Hotel Bed at Home

Last update: 12 December, 2021

There’s nothing like sleeping in a hotel bed. It’s always so clean and comfortable that it’s normal to want to have one at home. But how can you achieve this? In this article, we’re going to tell you about the tricks that you can replicate to achieve this effect.

After making the modifications and arrangements in your own bedroom, you’ll want to extend them to all the beds in your home. By doing this, you’ll give your family or guests a more than well-deserved restful night’s sleep.

How to have a hotel bed at home

Many people believe that the only trick to having a hotel bed at home lies in the way it’s made. Although it’s an important aspect, it’s not the only one. There’s a whole host of actions that lead to achieving this goal. Read on to find out what these tricks are.

A good mattress for a good rest

Height is an important feature.

Everything must start with your mattress. It is, after all, one of the most important elements when it comes to replicating a hotel bed at home. You must choose a quality, ergonomic and durable mattress. Also consider the characteristics of size, thickness and density, which not only determines the quality but the level of rest.

Keep in mind that one of the greatest successes when it comes to enjoying sleeping in a hotel bed is precisely the size, which allows us to sleep at ease.

If your bedroom allows it, choose a king-size mattress that measures close to 200 centimeters by 200 centimeters. Now, the thickness must be at least 35 centimeters.

Your hotel bed at home: choose quality bedding

With a mattress of the ideal size, quality and texture, it’s time to move on to the next phase of having a hotel bed at home: the bedding. Starting with the sheets, always buy high quality, preferably in white and made from 100 percent cotton with a 300 thread count.

Yes, we know it sounds quite demanding, but it’s usually the basic standard in the best hotels. The reason is that they offer quality, resistance and comfort. These types of sheets are soft and replicate the finest hotel sheets.

What does hotel bedding smell like?

Marriage bed.

Without a doubt, hotel bedding has a particular smell that’s unmistakably clean. It turns out that it’s not as easy as simply washing the bedding to achieve this result. In hotels, sheets are often washed with products that mix active oxygen, chlorine and disinfectant.

At home, it’s not so easy to have and use these products. But you can always use quality detergents and cleaning products. Try to use organic products that don’t harm the environment and those that protect the material.

The pillow is the cherry on the cake for your hotel bed at home

The pillows on hotel beds are soft and stiff, warm and cold. These add a really special touch and they also smell clean. The best thing is to wash them with the same products that you wash your sheets with. Complement your hotel bed at home with quality pillows, especially those that correspond to your needs.

This is something that’ll raise the bar for your hotel bed at home. Especially since, at home, you can have a pillow designed for your sleeping position, among other personalized specifications.

Extra comfort

Place a nightstand on your hotel bed at home.

To have a hotel bed at home, it’s important to continuously consider comfort. To do this, add decorative elements such as bedside tables, lamps, and rugs. Include a houseplant that helps to clean the air in the room and, if your space allows it, add a couple of comfortable chairs too.

Complement your hotel bed at home

Having a hotel bed at home isn’t enough if your room isn’t coordinated. Make sure the colors of your bedding harmonize with your décor style, as well as with your rugs, curtains and walls.

As you may have noticed, hotel rooms can be somewhat bland. However, in reality, they seek to generate a relaxing, fresh feeling that helps visitors to rest from their obligations. If you like this minimalist style, you can also replicate it at home.

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