How to Create a Bright and Natural Attic Space

Do you have an attic you want to renovate? In this article, we'll show you how to decorate your attic to create a really bright and natural space.
How to Create a Bright and Natural Attic Space

Last update: 28 January, 2021

If you’re thinking about decorating or renovating your attic, here you’ll find some basic steps and advice on how to create a bright and natural attic space. Many people use them for storage, or don’t give too much thought to how they’re going to use or decorate their space.

So, we’re going to give you some top tips on how to renovate and transform your space into the ideal attic. You could create a bedroom, a second living room, a games room, or anything you want!

How to create a bright and natural attic space

Take a look at the following steps, and learn how to transform your attic into a brighter, fresher and more natural space.

Turn your attic space into a bedroom, living room or games room.

Clear the room and grab the measuring tape

Before you start doing anything else, you’ll need to clear out your attic space and give it a deep clean. Next, measure your attic from top to bottom, and plan out how you want your room to look. You’ll also need to decide what style you want your attic to be. It’ll all depend on whether you want to create a bedroom, a living room, a games room

Ceilings and lighting

The majority of attics have low, sloping ceilings. There are several different ways to really make the most of these spaces. For example, you should try to use low furniture that works with the low ceilings, and won’t overfill your space.

You can also install large windows or skylights in the ceiling. This will allow plenty of natural light into your room and visually increase the amount of space. Many attics have direct access out onto a terrace. If you have a terrace, you could include large glass sliding doors which will really add a touch of freshness.


As we’ve already mentioned, if your attic has low ceilings, it’s best to use low furniture. For example, you could place an L-shaped sofa below a horizontal window. If you want to create a really natural attic space, pale wooden furniture is a great option. Creating a welcoming living room space in your attic will give you the perfect place to spend time with family.

Use light wooden furniture to create a bright, natural attic space.

Natural colors and textures

Colors are fundamental when it comes to creating a bright and natural attic space. Painting the walls white and incorporating white furniture is a great way to create a really fresh environment. White will help to reflect and amplify the light and make sure your room is brightly illuminated throughout the day. Using wooden elements is also a really interesting option. You could have wooden flooring, and paint it white or leave it its natural color.

Plants are essential

If you want to create a really natural attic space, it’s essential to incorporate colorful flowers and bright green plants. Add large, broad-leaved plants at the entrance to your attic and beneath the windows. You can also decorate tables or shelves with planters and colorful flower arrangements. All-white decor combined with wooden and green elements will give your attic a wonderfully fresh and natural feel.

Small attics

If there isn’t much room in your attic, you could create a really intimate loft space just for you. Wooden floors, a rug, white walls, and large, brightly colored cushions are all you need to create a really special attic.

It could be the perfect space for some much-needed alone time or a quiet reading corner. Add a beautiful floor lamp and a small table decorated with flower pots. And there you have it! A bright and natural attic space that’s the ideal place to spend time, whether alone or with others. Use small, low furniture, light colors and brightly colored decorative elements.

Use fabrics to create a warm and welcoming attic space.

Textiles: a must-have item

Creating a bright and natural attic space doesn’t mean leaving out warmer elements. Fabrics are great for bringing a touch of warmth and comfort to our homes. For example, you could add blankets with bright colors and bold patterns. Plus, if you have large windows, you could add curtains, using the same materials you’ve used elsewhere in the room.

As you can see, creating a fresh and natural attic space is a lot easier than it seems. Remember to use every corner, and really make the most of the space. Plus, if you have direct access onto a terrace, you could even create a dining area or a second living room for your home. Have fun decorating your attic, and really make the most of these wonderful spaces.

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