When Should you Give your Home a Deep Clean?

Having a clean home is worth it; so don't forget to stick to good hygiene habits and do a big, overall clean once or twice a year.
When Should you Give your Home a Deep Clean?

Last update: 22 November, 2018

Our homes need non-stop care, but sometimes we spend a long period of time away from home or fall behind on chores because we just don’t have the time. That’s precisely why your home needs a deep clean once in a while.

Getting up each morning and seeing clean rooms makes us feel better. It makes us feel comfortable and healthy. On the other hand, when they’re dirty, we feel uncomfortable and don’t have that coziness that we look for.

So, cleaning once a week is worth the trouble, checking off all of the chores. Aside from that, however, one big deep clean is a good idea as well.

What’s a deep clean?

Big clean what

A deep clean is a process in which we exhaustively eliminate dirt and uncleanliness, focusing on all the nooks and crannies in bedrooms, living rooms, storage closets, attics or wherever.

Basically, deep cleaning focuses on eliminating all traces of uncleanliness; if your home has dirty areas it becomes dirty as a whole.

If you’re noticing that your home is suffering from this, you have to stop and think, reconsider, check and act. You can’t be lazy about it because having a clean home has big benefits.

Every man has something to do which he neglects; every man has faults to conquer which he delays to combat

-Samuel Johnson-

When should you give your home a deep clean?

A good time for a deep clean is when it’s been a long time since you really gave it a serious clean. Though you might have cleaned your home as you normally do, this might have just been superficial. The best times to clean are:

  • When the summer vacation starts: summer’s a great time to clean the house. After being closed for so many months, it’ll need to be aired, dusted and cleaned. You’ll also need to polish your furniture and wipe your windows.
  • Spring: Spring is a great time for a deep clean because it marks the beginning of nice weatherIt’s not too cold to leave the windows open and let some fresh air in.
  • Over certain weekends: you don’t have to clean over a period of two days; it might be too much work. You could divide it up into several weekends (when they’re convenient). You can clean rooms one at a time.

Regardless of when you choose to clean, the important thing is that your home is a safe place to live, somewhere you can settle without dirty surroundings.

Deep clean how

The best way to undertake a deep clean

For the best results, you have to find the best cleaning products for the job. What’s the best advice for deep cleans?

  • First off, waking up early and being active is a good idea. Deep cleans aren’t a walk in the park. If you have help, whether it’s your partner or children, an extra hand could be really useful.
  • Prepare all of the materials and products that you’ll need. There’s nothing worse than starting and then not having key items.
  • Clean all of the smallest nooks. You can’t overlook even the tiniest spot. This goes for both the floor and ceiling.
  • Frequently refill the buckets and basins for mopping with clean water; that way you won’t be cleaning with water that gets dirtier with each dunk.
  • Use scented products that don’t leave strong smells behind. Ammonia is great for cleaning but breathing it in for long periods of time isn’t advisable.
  • You should use dust rags, a broom, a vacuum cleaner and always finish by mopping. If you have wooden floors, you should use a product that’s appropriate for them.
Big clean material

It’ll be worth it and you’ll feel better

Once you’ve finished deep cleaning your homethe results will speak for themselves. There’s nothing better than crossing off a task on a list.

You should give your home a deep clean at least once a year, but we recommend it twice a year. And don’t forget that you should also be cleaning your home normally every week.

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