Household Items that you can Reuse

Discover some typical household items that you can recycle and reuse. Save money, protect the environment and give your home a unique style at the same time!
Household Items that you can Reuse

Last update: 28 April, 2022

Nowadays, recycling and the issue of protecting our environment encourage us to reuse things, instead of throwing them away. Surprisingly, there are various household materials and items that you can reuse and repurpose. Moreover, they provide you with a unique and original decor option for free.

In this article, we’re going to tell you what some of these items are. If you have these things at home, find out how you can repurpose them and avoid throwing them away.

Things you can reuse at home

At home you can reuse and repurpose all sorts of things, ranging from food scraps to toothbrushes, plastic bottles and pieces of wood. Discover how to give them another use. We know you’ll be surprised!


Coffee grounds are things that you can reuse in the garden.
Coffee is something that you can reuse in the garden.

After making ground coffee, we’re all guilty of throwing away the remains. However, you can reuse and take advantage of coffee remains in your garden. Coffee is rich in nitrogen and phosphorous, so it makes a great fertilizer for your plants. In addition, it contributes to water drainage.

Another option for reusing coffee grounds is to turn it into a skin scrub. You can do this by mixing it with a moisturizing cream or shower gel.

Herbal teas: things you can reuse

Most of us have a box of teabag infusions in our cupboards. After using a bag, don’t throw it away, reuse it. It can work as a fertilizer for your plants if you break it up and mix it with the substrate. By doing this, you’ll not only provide your plants with nutrients, but you’ll also encourage them to grow.


Oral health experts recommend that we change our toothbrushes every three to four months. This means that a single person uses about four brushes per year.

If the bristles are still firm, you can give the brush a second chance by using it for cleaning. Old toothbrushes are great for cleaning difficult areas like tile joints. You can also use one to clean the soles of your shoes when they get muddy.

Clothes and towels that you no longer use

Other examples of things that you can reuse in a simple way are old clothes and towels. Over the years, everyday clothes and textiles become damaged, worn, or stained. When this happens, there are multiple options to reuse them.

For example, you can create pillowcases from old shirts or make cute pet beds. Old towels can become kitchen cloths or be used to dry the dog after a bath. You can also use them to make slippers to wear after your shower.

Plastic bottles

The bottles are reused as pots for plants.
This bottle has been reused as a plant pot.

Plastic bottles are one of the most interesting things that we can all reuse, as they’re easily available. After drinking your juice or soft drink, try making some beautiful pots to enliven your garden.

To do this, simply cut them to the desired height, make some holes to drain the water, decorate them to your liking and sow new species of flora.

Another idea to reuse plastic bottles is to create a water bowl for your pet. To do this, take a small bottle and make a wide slot in it so that your pet can easily drink from it. It’s a quick, easy, and cheaper alternative to a specialized pet bowl.

Magazines and newspapers

Pages from magazines and newspapers can easily be reused. Did you know that newspaper is a brilliant way to clean mirrors and glass? You can also use these pages for wrapping gifts in a sustainable, innovative, and environmentally friendly way.

If you have pets, sheets of newspaper can serve as floor protectors. By using this, it’s easier to clean any mess if they have an accident or whilst you’re toilet training your pets. Simply, place about three sheets on the floor, let this absorb any mess, before removing, discarding, and cleaning.

Wooden boards

Wooden planks, boards, and pieces can be reused and customized to meet your needs. You can use them to make shelves and paint them in the colors you want.

Equally, they can be adapted to make wooden boxes for organizers, so you have a place to store your accessories and organize your belongings.

What other things do you think you can reuse?

As you’ve seen, there are countless things and household items that you can reuse. To discover more things, consider each item before you throw it away and think about how you could repurpose it. Besides being great for the environment and saving money, the process of transforming things you’d otherwise throw away is enjoyable and creative.

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