5 Recycled and Original Pots to Decorate Your Garden

Before throwing away plastic bottles, pots, tires and even your old bicycle, think about how good they'd look in your garden as recycled pots. We present five beautiful ideas!
5 Recycled and Original Pots to Decorate Your Garden

Last update: 26 May, 2021

If you’re one of those people who enjoys giving discarded materials a second chance, these recycled pots are going to enchant you. Your garden will look delightfully original for a low cost. Plastic items such as bottles take up to 1,000 years to degrade, so giving them a second lease of life is also an act of love for the planet. Isn’t that great?

Therefore, from now on, before throwing away a plastic bottle, a tire, or a glass bottle, think about what it could become. In this case, we’ll give you five ideas for turning these items into pots. The options are endless!

Five types of recycled and original pots

Boots and shoes can be very original pots.

When thinking about the types of materials to recycle into pots, you should think about those that are resistant to outdoor and environmental conditions. Everything in the garden is exposed to the sun and rain, and it’s also better to use materials that aren’t toxic or polluting to the environment.

Make flowerpots from old boots

Plastic boots or shoes can become obsolete for many reasons: they’re too small, they broke, or you just don’t like wearing them anymore. Before throwing them away, think about how good they’d look in your garden as flowerpots.


  • To use boots as recycled pots, first, line them with a waterproof material, especially if they’re broken. In this way, the earth you¡ll fill them with won’t come out.
  • To avoid wasting soil (if your boots are large), fill half the boots with stones and the rest with soil. This way your new pots will also be firmer.
  • Plant the plants and place your pots in your chosen place to show them off. You can place them on the floor or hang them on a wall.

Renovate old kitchen pots

If you have old kitchen pots and pans that have completed their kitchen lifecycle, the garden is the perfect place to retire them. If these are brightly colored, plant some plants with contrasting colored flowers in them.


  • Wash the pots thoroughly to remove traces of grease or food.
  • Fill the pot with soil and plant your chosen plant.
  • Locate your recycled planter pot in your chosen place.
  • If the pots are small and you’ve decided to hang them up, use colored ropes. This will give a handmade and unique touch to your craft.

Bicycle baskets: recycled pots

Give your old bike a new use.

If you have a bike in your garage that you don’t use anymore and you don’t want to throw it away, recycle it! Their baskets make perfect pots and the basket structure will give a vintage touch to your garden.


  • Thoroughly clean the bike and the baskets.
  • If the metal frame is rusty, sand it down and paint it. Take the opportunity to apply oil and anticorrosive paint to prevent water and sun from affecting it again.
  • Line the baskets to prevent the soil from coming out through the small holes, and place the soil inside.
  • Plant the plants you have chosen to use in your new recycled baskets.

Using tires as recycled pots

Wheels or tires are one of the most valuable elements, both for primary use and recycling. There are multiple options to reuse them, among them, garden pots. They’re ideal for planting large or bushy plants.


  • Thoroughly clean and wash your tires.
  • You can reuse them in their original black color or paint them. It all depends on the decoration you want for your garden.
  • Depending on where you want to place them and if you’ll put them in a horizontal position, you’ll have to seal one of the holes. You can do this with a recycled wood board or with plastic.
  • Now, if you’re going to hang it in a vertical position, you only have to fill it with soil and plants in the section that’s hanging below.

Plastic bottles

Use plastic bottles to create cute recycled pots.

This is one of the most common waste products at home; mostly coming from cleaning or consumable drinking products. Although you can dispose of them in recycling bins, you can also turn them into beautiful pots.


  • Wash the bottles to remove traces of the products they contained. Especially those that contained cleaning products such as bleach or soap.
  • With a sharp knife, cut the upper part of the bottle. Place the soil and plant the plant you have chosen.
  • Before sowing, if you wish, you can paint your plastic bottles, let them dry, and then sow.
  • Now, you can also use plastic bottles in another way. Instead of cutting off the top, make a rectangular cut on one side and fill it with soil from there and plant your plants.

Recycled pots: eco-friendly decoration!

Our planet needs us. It’s reaching a point of no return and every friendly action counts. By recycling, you’re avoiding waste and enjoying an original and unique decorative item.

Although not everything that you stop using can be recycled, you can start thinking before throwing it away. Recycle anything that can have another use or put everything you don’t want in the respective and appropriate bin.