Original Ideas for Recycling Bins: Get Green!

Did you know that there are pieces of furniture made just for recycling? We're going to tell you about those, and other amazing alternatives in this article. Keep reading!
Original Ideas for Recycling Bins: Get Green!

Last update: 11 August, 2019

When it comes to finding ways to take care of the environment, you can never have too many ideas! This is especially true with recycling, where just about all the ideas for bins you could think of would work. That being said, it’s still much easier if you have containers made for recycling, because the color coding can often big a big help.

In the US, you’ll often see those green containers that look like trash cans, but there are lots of different color schemes and methods used in other parts of the world. Wherever you live, it can always be helpful to have these color-coded bins to separate your recycling into the right places.

There are also more and more places where you can deposit things like batteries, tires, light bulbs, and all kinds of electronic devices.

Anyway, as far as the kinds of recycling bins for your home go, it’s best to stick to the generic color scheme to avoid any confusion. 

But don’t let the thought of finding the perfect design for your decor scheme overwhelm you! There are lots of great options.

Ideas for recycling bins

Recycled recycling bins!

This is an obvious first option, which involves reusing containers (usually plastic) as recycling bins. This is also a super affordable option, and one of the most environmentally friendly ones you can find.

One of the best ideas for recycling bins is to re-use old containers.

Plus, if you decide to go for this option, it’ll be a chance to let your creative side out. You can enhance them however you want and make them into decorative accessories, not just recycling bins. As far as how complex the bins are, that all just depends on how good you are at manipulating the material, and how creative you want to be!

Some people prefer to take a simpler route. This could mean using a cardboard box for paper, a plastic container for plastics, and another plastic one for glass. That can be very practical, but you also have to make sure you’re not taking up too much space

Where should you put them?

Recycling bins can take up very little space in your home if you go about it the right way. The key is to find a good strategy.

Having a good plan for your recycling bin placement will not just save you space, it will also make the area feel more comfortable in general.

One simple idea is to use the same approach as you do with trash cans. In that sense, you can put them in any part of the home, but the kitchen is one of the most common places. A lot of people also like to put them in their garage, if they have one.

Some people will put them under their sink, or in a specific corner of the kitchen. But the best way to use your space is to put them in a vertical line on a wall or behind a door. This has the added benefit of keeping you from making it harder to move through your home by having containers all over the place.

More ideas for recycling bins

  • A tall cabinet with drawers. Ones that are made of clear plastic are a great option because they allow you to see into each drawer. Another advantage of this type of furniture is that it often comes with wheels, which makes it much easier to move.
  • Those classic hardware store plastic containers could be a great option. It’s even better if you put them with a shelf along the wall.
  • You can even use wooden fruit and vegetable crates. The big advantage of these is that you can paint them and decorate them however you like.

There are lots of other things you can use for recycling bins, though. For example, wicker baskets, old drawers from a cabinet, and containers made of plastic bottles.

Specially designed furniture

Of course, if you don’t have any containers you can turn into recycling bins or crafts aren’t your strong point, then don’t worry. Luckily for you, there are lots of specially designed pieces of furniture you can use nowadays. 

Most of them take one or another of the ideas from the other recycling bins we’ve mentioned today, but they have a much tidier look that hides their true function. One of the best things about that is that it avoids the sense of “waste build-up” that can make a space feel less comfortable.

Another thing we love about them is that they can take many different styles and shapes, to adapt to your kitchen (or wherever you want to put your containers). That means they can help you maintain the balance in your decor.

So, putting great recycling bins in your home can be much easier than you might think. At least, as long as you find the right strategies to use space efficiently, and pick out or design the right containers.