Hidden kitchens: Ideas and Options

Hidden kitchens optimize the space within small apartments and help to maintain order. Discover the mechanisms that make them possible.
Hidden kitchens: Ideas and Options

Last update: 22 October, 2021

In recent years the design and structure of interiors have changed, giving way to innovative ideas such as hidden kitchens. This concept is in trend and seeks to make better use of spaces. There are different options for hiding kitchens, including traditional, hinged, and sliding doors.

In this way, every time you need it, you’ll be able to hide your kitchen elements and no one will know that it’s behind closed doors. Read on to discover the benefits of this type of kitchen and the options you can choose from.

Benefits of hidden kitchens

You can put it on the auxiliary furniture.

If you want to change the design of your home and a hidden kitchen attracts your attention, you need to know about its benefits.

Being something new, it’s rare to find homes that already incorporate this design feature. Although this doesn’t really apply to small apartments or loft-type homes, in which hidden kitchens are more common, with the aim of optimizing the available space.

They’re inexpensive

The installation of hidden kitchens is usually not expensive, since it only requires the installation of a couple of doors. Although this may vary depending on the opening mechanism, (the folding ones require the most investment).

Benefits of hidden kitchens: they optimize space

The greatest benefit of hidden kitchens is that they optimize space and generate more space where they’re located.

If the traditional kitchen bars or islands bother you, you can do without them. Instead, you can locate a dining room or living room set that best harmonizes with the space when you close the kitchen doors. This is perfect when you have a small apartment.

Hidden kitchens ensure you create order

Having a hidden kitchen creates a special need to keep everything in order. Thus, when the doors open, everything will harmonize better. When using this type of design, it’s essential to have drawers to store items such as pots, plates, spoons, and spices, among others, in an orderly manner.

Ideas and options for choosing a hidden kitchen

Although hidden kitchens aren’t usually very common, we’ve suggested some ideas to guide you in choosing yours. As there are different types and styles of doors, it’s recommended to choose the one that suits your personal tastes and the decor of your home.

Hidden kitchens with hinged doors

Folding doors.

Hidden kitchens with hinged doors are the most common. This is because it’s the most used opening mechanism in traditional kitchens.

Swing doors are characterized by having an opening system that prevents them from closing on their own. Its advantage is that they’re arranged like a closet door that you open and close when you need it.

Hidden kitchens with a sliding door

Sliding-type doors in concealed kitchens are the most comfortable to use. To access the kitchen you just have to slide the door to the right or left, depending on how you’ve installed it. This means that you don’t need to leave additional space to open it, (as is the case with the folding doors).

It’s important to apply good cleanliness to the rails of the door so that dust doesn’t accumulate and it becomes difficult to open.

Concealed kitchen with accordion door

Accordion-type doors are a good option if you want a comfortable and original door. These are mainly used for linear hidden kitchens, that is, they are on a single wall facing the same direction. They work by folding one or two of their panels to open or close them.

Hidden kitchens with retractable doors

Hidden kitchens with retractable doors.

Retractable doors have an opening system that serves to store the kitchen doors hidden in parallel. They incorporate braking technology in the closure and their greatest advantage is that they’re not usually very large. Rather, they’re divided into small quadrants to make them easier to handle.

Their designs have a very striking aesthetic, they are elegant and modern. In general, it’s common to find them in white. At first glance, they look like a cupboard.

Swing doors with upward-openings

Upward swing doors are similar to garage doors, the kind that open by pushing them up and over. These have a disadvantage and that is that if the person is very tall or there’s not much space, the door won’t be able to move well.

When opened, they’re positioned upwards and it’s only necessary to pull them down to close them.

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