Haworthia Cooperi: A Strange but Beautiful Succulent

The Haworthia cooperi is a strange but beautiful-looking succulent with leaves that appear to contain shiny drops of water. Discover more about this fascinating species.
Haworthia Cooperi: A Strange but Beautiful Succulent

Last update: 02 August, 2022

You may have come across a Haworthia cooperi and been captivated by its beauty and rarity. This plant belongs to the succulent family and has a unique appearance.

It grows in the form of rosettes and has bright green leaves with translucent tips. It almost seems as if its leaves contain shiny drops of water, it’s quite a sight to behold!

If you’ve already fallen in love with this beautiful specimen and want to know more about its care, keep reading. We’ll talk about its characteristics and why it’s such a special plant.

What makes the Haworthia cooperi such a special plant?

In general, most plants have characteristics that differentiate them from others. However, some plants become a talking point and the Haworthia cooperi is no exception. It has many interesting features, including:

  • It originates from South Africa, although today it grows in many parts of the world.
  • The Haworthia cooperi is part of the succulent family, specifically the Xanthorrhoeaceae family. This family has more than one hundred species that we know about.
  • It grows in the form of a beautiful rosette that manages to reach between five and twelve centimeters in diameter.
  • Flowering occurs in warm seasons, producing a stem of up to 30 centimeters.
  • It’s advisable to plant them in porcelain pots since these allow you to highlight their beauty.
Learn how to take care of your Haworthia cooperi.
Learn how to take care of your Haworthia cooperi.

The Haworthia cooperi deserves a special place at home

In addition to being beautiful, the Haworthia cooperi is the ideal plant for those who don’t have a lot of time to devote to its care. It only requires basic care which makes it the ideal choice for gifting.


The Haworthia cooperi should be exposed to natural light, but not direct sunlight. This is because the direct rays of the sun can damage its delicate leaves. As such, put it near a window or on your patio in partial shade. 

Be careful though! If you notice the leaves start to turn yellow or even become pale, it may be an early indication that it’s receiving too much direct sunlight.

The ideal climate for the Haworthia cooperi

The ideal climate for this plant is an environment where the temperature doesn’t exceed 68°F. However, with sufficient care, this plant can perfectly survive brief changes in temperature extremes. Although proceed with caution! Temperatures below 50°F can prove fatal.

Remember to water it sparingly

As the Haworthia cooperi belongs to the family of succulents, you mustn’t overwater it or allow it to become waterlogged. If this happens, the plant will experience progressive damage to the root which may cause it to die.

You’ll know when you need to water the plant when you notice that the top soil looks dry. You can check it by carefully inserting your finger into the soil, if it comes out without clumps, it’s time to water your succulent. Then water your plant until the topsoil is slightly moist.

Always remember to ensure that the pot has drainage holes in order to prevent water from accumulating and causing damage to the root. Place a tray below the pot to collect the water.

We teach you how to transplant your beautiful succulent.
Discover how to transplant your beautiful succulent.


The Haworthia cooperi isn’t demanding in terms of the supplements that it requires. Just having water, light and good drainage is more than sufficient. 

However, if you do decide to use fertilizer on it, we recommend using peat and natural fiber such as coconut in equal parts. You can even add a handful of vermiculite and perlite to increase the potential well-being of your plant.

The Haworthia cooperi: propagation

This process is quite simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Carefully take one of its leaves and gently twist it until it comes away.
  2. Wait 48 hours until the leaf has dried out.
  3. Prepare the pot with your chosen substrate and plant the leaf.
  4. Leave it in a spot with natural light, but away from direct sunlight and water often.
  5. Watch as it grows and sprouts into a beautiful plant!

What do you think about the Haworthia cooperi?

As you’ve seen, the Haworthia cooperi is a beautiful succulent. Now you know how to take care of it, go ahead and grow your own! Or gift one to your loved ones for a beautiful and unique surprise.

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