Your Guide to Having a Well-Decorated Terrace

A well-decorated terrace includes aspects such as the ideal tones, colors and elements that'll stand out. Follow our guide and achieve the look that you've always wanted.
Your Guide to Having a Well-Decorated Terrace

Last update: 05 September, 2022

Having a well-decorated terrace is a goal for many people, which is why we’ve prepared this guide to help you achieve it. Following our advice will help you to implement the key points to maintain harmony and create a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Read on to discover, point by point, our recommendations. We’re going to address issues such as the distribution of decorative objects and the ideal colors to paint your terrace walls.

Follow this guide to have a well-decorated terrace

To make your terrace worthy of a magazine cover, we invite you to follow this guide. It includes seven fundamental keys to achieving this goal. Read them, learn them, and put them into practice!

1. Always choose neutral colors

Neutral colors are the best tones to decorate your terrace. Apply them on all available and visible walls and use them on furniture, textiles, and accessories.

Among the range of neutrals, choose white, gray, and beige, especially when it comes to upholstery. By doing this, the greenery of the plants and shrubs that you’ve planted in this outdoor space will shine through even more.

2. Scatter your cushions for a well-decorated terrace!

With this guide to having a well decorated terrace you will learn to choose the ideal objects.
With our guide to having a well-decorated terrace, you’ll learn how to choose the ideal accessories.

Outdoor furniture is just as important as indoor furniture, so it’s worth spending your time and budget on it. In addition to choosing the right furniture, you should carefully choose the right fabrics and textures too.

Cushions are practical, colorful, cozy, and modern. Once again, opt for neutral tones and striking patterns!

3. Choose a comfortable rug for your well-decorated terrace

For many people, it doesn’t make sense to have a rug on the terrace as it’s an outdoor space. However, this simple element adds comfort and warmth. In addition, it’s useful to define your spaces, particularly if we’re talking about a large terrace.

There are some ideal materials that you can choose from too. Those made from natural fibers and synthetic ones imitate certain textures well.

4. Separate your spaces

As we suggested in point three of this guide to having a well-decorated terrace, if you have a large terrace, it’s wise to separate your spaces. By doing this, you can have a living area, a dining room, a BBQ space, or even a spa-type area if you have enough privacy.

Use rugs, furniture, and even lighting to define these areas. The idea is that you enjoy everything you want to have on your terrace, but that everything has its own place.

5. Don’t neglect your plants

The best plants are the XL size ones.
The best plants for a well-decorated terrace are large ones.

Having a terrace without plants is wasting a great opportunity to be closer to nature. Plants serve to refresh the home, beautify it and create natural barriers that prevent visual contact with neighbors.

For this reason, we recommend large plants, shrubs, vertical gardens and small trees. In addition to this, if you don’t have much time for gardening, try to choose plants that don’t require too much care.

Equally, always choose plants that enjoy different climatic conditions and ones that adapt to pots. The latter makes it easier for you to move them and change the layout of your spaces whenever you want.

6. Learn to optimize shaded areas

Ideally, your terrace will have areas that are exposed to both natural sunlight and shade. This being the case, you need to know which sections to leave in the shade.

We recommend using spaces protected from the sun for the dining room or the outdoor living room. Of course, keep in mind that this outdoor furniture should have a more informal style.

For example, for the dining room, choose linen tablecloths, tableware in bright colors, and flowery patterns, all very much in keeping with the space.

7. Don’t neglect your lighting

We end this guide to having a well-decorated terrace with lighting. This is very important and will allow you to enjoy this space on gray days or at night. You have options such as lanterns, solar lamps, LED torches, ceiling lamps (to hang above the dining room table), or garlands, among others.

Choose the lighting elements that best suit your decorative style. To avoid problems with mosquitoes, use a couple of citronella candles or grow some basil, rosemary or lavender in pretty pots.

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