Great Ways to Decorate With Baskets

Decorating with baskets is a natural way to keep your house tidy and give a bohemian look. Do you like this idea?
Great Ways to Decorate With Baskets

Last update: 01 September, 2020

This look has been in fashion for a long time so it seems like it’s a look that’s here to stay. You can decorate with baskets to give your home a warm, cozy, and practical touch since they can be great storage options.

Take note of these ideas that are easy to use and apply in any corner of your home. Baskets are nice, durable, and cheap. What else could you ask for?

Decorate with baskets and create a unique look

Decorate with baskets to create great storage solutions.

The art of basketry is associated with some of the most deeply rooted traditions in many people’s homes around the world. It’s common to think about natural fibers when talking about baskets, such as wicker, hemp, esparto, grass, or palm.

Nowadays, there are so many options that it’s possible to find beautiful baskets in various stores, whether they’re made of plastic (perfect for outdoor use), fabric, felt, crochet, or other materials. We love all the design options.

In addition to the aesthetic benefit, baskets also offer you a great option for organization that’s sure to make them a crucial part of your interior design. Take note!

Decorate with baskets in the living room

There are many great ways to decorate with baskets.

This will change your living room. If you use several baskets in this room, they are great options for creating warmth. You can store blankets and quilts in baskets so they’re within easy reach of the couch. You can also use them to store magazines or other items.

If you have a built-in shelf, it’s also a great way to organize all your possessions. Choose a basket and then play with different sizes to create a harmonious look.

Decorate with baskets in the kitchen

In the kitchen, decorate with baskets to create chic organization.

Baskets are a great way to keep your kitchen pantry in order. You can use larger ones to store items that you use less frequently and smaller ones to have on hand whatever you prepare daily meals.

Options made of natural fibers are very durable and also allow air to circulate, meaning they are perfect for storing potatoes, onions, or anything else that doesn’t require refrigeration.

Fill your bedroom with baskets

Decorate with baskets in your bedroom.

Once again, the different sizes will give you a lot of versatility when it comes to decorating your bedroom with baskets. Inside cabinets, they are the best option to keep accessories organized. If you don’t believe us, ask Marie Kondo.

Place a large open basket at the foot of the bed. That way, you can keep extra pillows and cushions in it when you go to bed. Then, you prevent them from ending up on the floor and it’s much easier for you to follow your cleaning routine.

Baskets in the bathroom

Bathroom shelving.

If there is one area where baskets work great, it’s in the bathroom. A large basket with a lid is a great place to put dirty laundry. You could also use it to store clean towels. There are so many options.

If you have shallow baskets, you can store rolled towels in them. Also, this way they don’t get ruined and they look super decorative. Finally, an open sink cries out for baskets to store cleaning products or toiletries.

Decorate your children’s bedroom with baskets

A child's bedroom storage unit.

The only thing you need to store the huge amount of toys that your children keep in their room is a space that allows them to put away things easily. If you have the KALLAX shelf from IKEA, you just need to add some baskets and that’s it! They fit perfectly in the space and you can even paint them to bright colors to create a fun vibe.

Then, put some more on the floor in a large size so the kids can store their stuffed animals inside them. By the way, you’ll be creating a very natural, cozy space that’s just what the little ones need.

You can also decorate with baskets outside, put them in the entryway of your home, use them as flower pots, or in any space you want. Use your imagination to decorate with them!

The best thing about baskets is that they’re durable, you can wash them, and keep them looking new for a long time. Whichever material you choose, you’ll notice that baskets soon become one of your favorite decorative objects.

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