Good Ideas for Renovating Wooden Floors

With these good ideas, you can renovate your wooden floors without having to make a large financial investment. You'll love the results and your floor will be like new!
Good Ideas for Renovating Wooden Floors

Last update: 29 March, 2022

When it comes to renovating wooden floors at home, you can seal them, whitewash them and even add color! The possibilities are endless, from keeping the original appearance of the wood to decorating it with original motifs.

You just have to pay attention to the recommendations below and choose the most appropriate option for you. So take note, because we know you’re going to fall in love with our ideas!

Renovating wooden floors: treatments and finishes

Protect a wooden floor

Seal your wooden floor to maintain its natural appearance

Varnish is the strongest finish for wood. It’s recommended for hard woods such as oak or ash. And, sometimes, areas of the floor that see the most footfall require up to five coats.

Polyurethane varnish is very toxic so it’s recommendable that a professional to applies it. Also, you should keep in mind that pine floors should be treated with sealants or wood stains.

Don’t forget that you can opt for other products that currently exist on the market, such as lacquers or natural waxes. These also act as sealants and give very good results.

Renovating wooden floors: whitewash for a hassle-free renovation

A lime-based treatment will whiten the wood and give it an elegant and modern look. Virtually all woods can be whitewashed, except for soft woods such as pine.

To whitewash, first you have to sand the floor, moisten it with a cloth and brush it with a fine steel brush in the direction of the grain. After cleaning and removing the dust, a special paste should be applied with a flat brush.

In order to introduce the liming wax into the grain, the wood must be rubbed with steel wool and finally, after removing the dust, it must be left to dry before applying varnish.

Stain and color

Wax wooden floors.

Another possibility is to darken the tone of wood with varnishes and wood dyes. First, you have to sand and fill the cracks with putty. The dye is then applied with a cotton cloth or brush. Once dry, a layer of colorless natural wax is added.

Today, there are dyes and products with a wide range of colors, although the most popular colors are white and grayish tones.

If you want to obtain a solid color, the most suitable option is enamel or semi-matte paint–the latter is more subtle and smooth. Also, you should keep in mind that enamels take a long time to dry, but they have the advantage that they don’t need sealing.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep the grain of the wood visible, you have to use stains applied with a brush. By doing this, you’ll achieve a very professional and long-lasting result.

For an original finish, a motif can also be added and painted on. You can choose your own design or choose a template that’s pre-made such as geometric, striped, or checked designs.

To hide any imperfections or irregular elements of your room, paint a border on the perimeter of the floor. Try it for yourself!

Renovating wooden floors: appropriate colors

If you choose to paint your wooden floor, it’s important to take into account which color combination is aligned with the other colors of the room and with your furniture.

For example, if your decor is rich in tones and/or patterns, it’s advisable to stain the floor in a neutral color. This avoids overloading the space and gives it a feeling of spaciousness.

White always works well as it provides luminosity and freshness, and it enhances furniture and fabrics.

On the contrary, if you choose a strong color for the floor, it’ll become the protagonist of your home and you’ll have to downplay decorative elements accordingly.

Replacing wooden floorboards

When some wooden boards deteriorate it’s necessary to change them. However, if it’s parquet flooring (solid wood), it’ll be enough to lift them and turn them on the reverse side to make them look like new.

As you’ve seen, with these good ideas you can renovate your wooden floors without having to make a large financial investment. You’ll love the results and your floor will be like new!

Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels