Fragrance Lamps - Innovation and Design

Fragrance lamps have become important tools for creating a relaxing home environment.
Fragrance Lamps - Innovation and Design

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The way you decorate your home says a lot about you. It tells people about your personality, tastes, passions, etc. As a general rule, it’s something people tend to be very mindful of. They even connect it to their identity itself. And fragrance lamps can have a powerful role to play.

When you get home after a long day, there’s nothing better than taking refuge in the well-being your home provides. You can enhance the atmosphere by choosing the right aroma for it. Remember, aromas can be both pleasant and comforting.

A lit fragrance lamp.

Just as with the decorative style, the contribution fragrance lamps can make to your home is crucial. That’s because when you choose a fragrance lamp, it’s a very personal detail that can give a wide range of sensations. And let’s not forget that it helps you eliminate bad odors.

Scent as a medium of personal expression

Air fresheners can completely change a room’s negative atmosphere. Nevertheless, you have to consider how the device itself contributes to your decoration goals. Its design should also match that of its surroundings.

There’s currently a very wide variety of styles on the market. Many of them do more than just scent the room. They also have an important aesthetic function, participating in the home’s decorative setup.

One of the most interesting new styles in these fresheners is the “fragrance lamp.” For those who love collecting vintage stuff, this type of air fresher has a bohemian appearance. Essentially, it’s a container that holds an aroma essence and has a small catalytic burner.

The variety of air fresheners is wide. Choose the one that best fits your home’s style.

An air freshener with a history

Fragrance lamps have come into vogue in recent years. Nevertheless, this style of air fresher is a lot older than most people imagine. Maurice Berge, a pharmacy assistant, designed this system in 1898. It revolutionized hospitals’ air purification systems.

A candle in a bowl of food.

This device was created to deal with smell and health problems in these places. Their origins are linked to the healthcare industry. That alone gives you an idea about the benefits they might offer for your health.

Up until well into the 20th century, hospitals were considered spawning grounds for infections. The hygiene systems of the time were insufficient in hospitals. Often extremely offensive smells were produced in these establishments. This device was used to:

  • Eliminate foul smells, offering a truly significant feeling of well-being.
  • Purify the air, converting the atmosphere into a place where people feel comfortable.
  • Remove fungi and bacteria – this improves the oxygenation of the air as well.
  • Provide a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene. There’s no doubt that agreeable scents calm you, make you feel more motivated, and offer a cleaner environment.

How do fragrance lamps work?

A bottle of perfume.

The catalysis system is a bit complex. It involves combustion through heat followed by the attraction of the molecules in bad smells. At the end of the process, these molecules are destroyed by the process of oxidation. So what does the lamp do?

  • It releases perfume or special oils.
  • The jar has to be filled to three-quarters of its total capacity.
  • Once the liquid releases, you place the wick into the interior of the device to douse it with the aroma.
  • After about 20 to 30 minutes, you light the lamp’s wick and let it burn for 3 minutes.
  • Then you put out the wick and enjoy its essence.

Fragrance lamps have a novel design

A lit fragrance lamp.

The decorative portion of the lamp is on the fragrance lamp’s body. This part normally has very intricate designs. Some examples are stone or glass carvings, metal inlays, precious stones, colored glass, etc.

The variety is truly infinite, but all the models have charm and elegance. This system is a little less durable than other electric systems. However, it helps you purify the air in your home, eliminating bad odors.

This system can give identity and personality to your home. It can serve to show others what kind of person you are. Just like many people like to use perfume to express themselves, you can do the same thing with your home.