Five Upcoming Kitchen Trends for 2022

Discover the predicted kitchen trends for 2022. Custom-built kitchens are the future!
Five Upcoming Kitchen Trends for 2022

Last update: 01 December, 2021

Typically, we all want to revamp our homes before the new year begins, so it’s useful to know about the upcoming kitchen trends for 2022. By understanding decor predictions and trends, you can create a kitchen that’s up to date, modern, and aligned with everything that the new year will bring.

If you’re interested in giving your kitchen a make-over, keep reading! We’re going to delve into the style and materials of trending kitchen furniture, as well as some tips on the distribution of space. Don’t miss out!

Next, we’re going to explain the predicted kitchen trends for 2022. Discover what they are, apply them to your kitchen, and stay fashionable.

1. Kitchen cabinets without handles

Handleless Furniture

The minimalist style is a current trend that’ll continue throughout 2022. This doesn’t just apply to kitchens, but to the entire home. Specifically, in the new year, furniture without handles, or what’s referred to as the handleless effect, will continue to remain a prominent trend.

This trend proposes that people will have more elegant, simple, and easily accessible kitchens. If you like this style and want to keep up-to-date, going handleless should be your objective!

Although it may seem as if the predicted kitchen trends for 2022 are a return to the traditional, it must be said that it’s not entirely the case. Many styles will make a return, but in a much more innovative way and with unique touches. An example of this is using wood, which is a predicted kitchen trend for 2022.

Despite being one of the most common materials in kitchens, for 2022 we’ll see even more wood, but in its most natural form. This element will combine with neutral, bright, or matte tones to enhance its beauty.

However, using genuine wood isn’t the only option you have. You can use coatings or synthetic materials with a natural wood finish. They’re cheaper to buy, just as beautiful and very resistant. Without a doubt, there will be an option available that fits this trend and your budget.

3. Open plan kitchens and living rooms

United kitchen and living room

One of the trends that you’ll love the most has to do with the distribution of space. Having the kitchen and living room in the same space solves space issues and keeps you at the forefront when your guests visit.

Aesthetically, this type of layout looks great and enables you to enjoy a conversation with your guests or family while you prepare food. This trend will make spaces warmer and much more welcoming.

In addition, if you have to multi-task, you can work and cook at the same time without having to travel from the kitchen to the office area. If you worry about cooking odors, you can install an exhaust hood to solve this problem.

4. The origin of materials take more relevance

In 2022, the origin of the materials you use in your kitchen will take on more relevance. Our planet is in crisis and it’s imperative that we become more responsible for our natural resources, in order to preserve them.

This concept encompasses sustainability and it consists of buying furniture and accessories that don’t harm the environment. This also includes buying items that you can dispose of in an environmentally friendly way.

Equally, the importance of materials is highly relevant because your kitchen requires durable pieces that avoid constant expense. In short, if you choose quality materials, you’ll have a timeless, innovative, and modern kitchen. And, when you decide to change it, you can reuse those materials.

Remember, materials such as stainless steel and wood are almost always in style and have a long life expectancy.

Trends in kitchens 2022 customization

The latest kitchen trend for 2022 is all about customization and custom designs. It’s about sourcing furniture that meets the characteristics we’ve already mentioned and includes creating your kitchen according to the measurements and space you have.

This type of project may sound more expensive, but it’s not always the case. You’ll avoid buying furniture that takes up more space than planned and opting for a custom kitchen can save you money in the long run.

We’ve described five kitchen trends that’ll lead the way in 2022. However, we’ll have to write an update to include all the other decorative styles for the new year! Over the coming months, we’ll know more about additional design trends for your home and we’ll keep you informed.

In the meantime, what other trends would you like to see?

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