First Apartment? We're Here to Help You Decorate It!

You're moving into your first apartment and have no idea where to start. Take a deep breath, we're here to help you in this new chapter!
First Apartment? We're Here to Help You Decorate It!

Last update: 03 September, 2019

So, you’re finally moving out and getting ready to live on your own. What could be more exciting? You’ll have your own house, furniture, rules…But at the same time, the thought of moving into your first apartment might make you feel kind of dizzy with responsibility.

Not to worry! We’re going to do our small part to help you and make sure things don’t overwhelm you. To start with, we’re going to tell you just what kind of furniture you’ll need in this first apartment. 

But first, the main thing is not to drive yourself crazy. It’s normal to dream of your perfect house and have tons of Pinterest tabs open with ideas of how you want to decorate, what bed you’re going to spend your nights in, and what gorgeous kitchen you’ll be making delicious smoothies and meals in.

All that sounds great, but when the time comes and you’re actually in your first apartment, you might realize that your budget is tighter than you’d thought, and you’re not actually so sure of what furniture you want. Remember – you’re just starting out and it’s best to take it slowly. Figure out what you really need and fill things in one step at a time.

The bare necessities for furnishing your first apartment

Gathering area

One thing you have to think about is your couch. Consider how much time you’re going to spend on it. You’ll have friends over, watch movies, read, snuggle up in a blanket…You want yours to be big and comfortable. You should be able to lie down and fully relax. It’s also good to have a comfy armchair for when you have guests.

As far as material, choose something with a washable cover. That’s the most practical, simple option out there. Color-wise, you’ll want a light, simple color. Another great idea is to add some cushions with soft-colored patterns. That’ll give your apartment some personality, and you can change them whenever you want for a fresh look!

To round everything off, pick a nice coffee table and side table. Don’t try to find anything with too elaborate a design. You want furniture more on the neutral side. The personal touches can come from the little decorative details.

Time to eat!

For the time being, you don’t need a huge dining room with wainscoting, a table for 20, and 200 chairs. We recommend a simple wooden table. If you go for something in the Nordic style, it’ll be much easier to incorporate into the rest of your decoration. It’ll also make your house look elegant, without needing a whole lot of decoration.

Chair-wise, you’ll also want something simple and comfortable. Chatting over dinner is one of the best things in life, and you want your friends to be begging to come over for a meal at your first apartment! So, try out some chairs before you choose a specific kind. Comfort is key here, so be careful about chairs with rungs in the back.

Sleep heaven

If there’s one thing that’s truly worth investing in, it’s a good mattress. What that means for you will depend on your sleep preferences, but you should prioritize quality above all.

You can be stingier about the headboard and foot-of-the-bed decor, or even wait a couple of months before getting them. A mattress is what determines the quality of your sleep, and therefore your health, so you shouldn’t cut any corners here.

Then add a couple of nightstands. There are lots of cheap, attractive options out there for you to give a personal touch to your bedroom. We’re big fans of Feng Shui here, and we’d recommend having two instead of one if you have a partner.

Big kitchen appliances

You shouldn’t get too fancy here either. These are kitchen basics that you need to last you for years. So, try to focus your budget on a good refrigerator instead of perfect curtains or a hydromassage shower just because you’ve always wanted one.

Fridge, dishwasher, oven…these are all things that make your daily life easier. But you still want to be sure you’re picking out the right ones, so do some digging before you buy anything. One big thing to look out for is energy ratings. Although energy-saving appliances are often more expensive, they’ll save you money in the long-run.

A few extra tips for your first apartment

  • Measure things precisely before you buy anything. You can even get some paper molds to make absolutely sure things will fit in the spaces you have in mind for them. Avoiding surprises like that will help keep you from getting stressed.
  • Look for practical, comfortable furniture. Don’t get carried away by a nice design.
  • Go for a simple style and add small details to give the space personality. You can do that through things like fabrics, accessories, paintings, plants, and other things like that.
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