Erotic Decor - Colors and Details

You might not think erotic decor is your thing at first. But give it another thought and fill your room with passionate details and let lust take over.
Erotic Decor - Colors and Details

Last update: 07 January, 2020

Do you dare to give your room a sensual vibe and surprise your partner? We’re not just talking about candles or incense. Bring together an erotic decor with the right colors and details to take passion to its max.

You might not believe it at first but you can bring original, sexy decor into any room in your home. Let your imagination soar

Erotic decor?

erotic decor red

Yes, home decor also has a wild, passionate side. You can create it in all parts of your home, especially your bedroom, with the right objects and colors. Many people go for erotic decor for their bathrooms as well to keep the sensuality flowing.

This decor style is hands down for only our boldest readers. It’s perfect for couples without children as it can jump-start passion and desire in any setting.

In erotic decor, traditional furniture pieces bid adieu. In their place, use pieces that emulate the human form, or others that promise comfort during an intimate moment. Pieces that are suggestive, sensual or those that spark curiosity are a must.

Tips for creating erotic decor

If you want your home to invite passion, check out our decor tips below.

1. Use sensual elements in your room

erotic decor sensual

But what do we mean by “sensual”? We’re referring to anything that inspires you to enjoy intimate moments with your partner. Humans are drawn to suggestive images. Thus, you can try hanging pictures or black and white photos of a scantily clothed couple in suggestive positions to get the atmosphere just right.

Hang pictures of luscious, red lips. Or, try a rose or anything else that leaves you inspired.

2. Human figure furniture

erotic decor human figure

Certain furniture stores, or internet sellers, offer furniture pieces and objects that emulate the human figure. The naked interpretations are perfect for erotic decor.

While some pieces are purely decorative, others can actually serve a function: tables, chairs, couches, nightstands, closets, cabinets… They can all feature a female or male body.

3. The bathroom is also game

erotic decor bathroom

Bathrooms can also turn into an intimate, sensual setting like bedrooms. It’s only a matter of giving the bathtub all the spotlight, using candles and incense and a sensual picture on one of the walls. The decor is perfect for a romantic bath with your partner!

4. Go for strong colors

erotic decor strong colors

You can turn to other colors besides red to create an erotic setting. Great examples include black, gold or purple. In the right combination, these colors can give settings an interesting, lusty vibe.

5. Lighting is key

erotic decor lighting

Make sure you aim for dim, mysterious lights that just glow in strategic places. Lighting is key for creating a sultry setting. Try lighting up your bed, a corner next to your favorite couch or a suggestive picture or sculpture.

6. Don’t forget about mirrors

erotic decor mirrors

At first thought, a big mirror that covers an entire wall might not seem too erotic. But they have an incredibly erotic nature. The bigger, the better. Some people even install a ceiling mirror over their beds.

7. Fabrics are your accomplices

erotic decor fabrics

Lastly, tie your erotic decor together with blankets, curtains, and pillows. For example, use an upholstered headboard, red velvet decor pillow or soft blanket to change your setting.

Did you like our erotic decor ideas? Start by adding small details and let the eroticism grow. Your patner will love it!

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