Delight Your Guests with a Party in Your Home

A house party is a great way to show your friends and family how much you love them. Learn the keys to having a memorable day.
Delight Your Guests with a Party in Your Home

Last update: 13 March, 2022

Most of us love to receive guests at home. As good hosts, we try to make our guests feel comfortable and welcome. If you want to throw a party in your home, we’re going to give you some ideas to make it unforgettable. Keep reading as we help you to ensure that your guests have a great time.

A party in your home: how to get started

Send an invitation through WhatsApp.

The invitations

Without a doubt, sending invitations is the first thing you should do when organizing a party in your home. If we’re talking about an informal party, it’s not necessary to print the invitations and send them by mail. Rather, the priority is that you notify all your guests with enough time to organize yourself.

Send a WhatsApp or an email and ask each person to answer you as soon as possible. You can create a theme or a name for your party and tell your guests the place and time where it’ll take place.

The menu

Buffet food.

Consider what you’ll want to offer your guests in terms of food and drink. If you’ve invited a lot of people, you can ask each person to bring something to make it more collaborative.

A good idea is to make it buffet style, and in this way, everyone can serve themselves with what they want and when they want it. This means that you can enjoy yourself too and you won’t have to wait on your guests.  

If you choose to have everyone sit at the table, make sure there’s enough space for everyone to be comfortable. The rule is to allow at least 60cm of space per diner, otherwise, your guests won’t be able to move freely.

When deciding what food you’re going to provide, don’t forget to take into account anyone with any allergies or specific food preferences. You should also consider things like food intolerances, vegetarians, vegans, or people who are gluten-free. Also if you’re going to invite children, think about the kinds of food that they’ll like too.


Porcelain tableware of different colors.

When you give a party at home, you’ll want to delight your guests with the little details. Crockery is one of those accessories that speaks volumes about you, the colors you like, and who you are. Choose your tableware with thought and it’ll show.

There are a lot of beautiful options to make your table look spectacular. If you’re going to opt for disposable options, take care of the environment and say no to single-use plastics. Paper resources offer some really cool designs.

The music

Music for a dinner.

If there’s one thing that’s essential when you give a party in your home, it’s the music. Something fun and practical is to create a collaborative playlist on Spotify. Share it with all your guests a few days beforehand so you can all decide what music you’re going to listen to!

Holding a party in your home: the afterparty

Prepare mojito.

After dinner, it’s time to relax and chat. You can create a special table dedicated to cocktails with some recipes for your guests to try making their own mojito. It’s another way to reduce your workload and to make sure that everyone has fun and participates.

The ambiance

Dining table made with a recovered door.
Dining table /

Put flowers in several vases so that you brighten up the table and the rooms where the party will take place. Choose them in bright colors and with delicate scents. Don’t forget the candles because they’re a good way to add warmth and make everyone feel more relaxed.

You can put lanterns or garlands to illuminate and decorate too. After all, who doesn’t like the effect that’s achieved with these points of light?

Throwing a party in your home: sharing special moments

Take photos for social networks.

We live in the world of social networks and your guests will probably love to share their moments through them. Create a hashtag, a closed group on Facebook and make instagrammable scenarios so you don’t miss a single detail of the party.

The farewell

mini pots

Give a gift to each guest when you say goodbye. From small succulents in mini pots, a bag of homemade cookies, or any detail that you know they might like. Without a doubt, they’ll leave your house feeling content and delighted.

By following these tips, throwing a party in your home will be a resounding success. Pamper your guests, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself too!

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