Decoration Rules That Are Made to Break

Today we feel a little rebellious, and in this article, we're going to tell you what decorating rules are made to be broken. Have you already broken any?
Decoration Rules That Are Made to Break

Last update: 01 April, 2020

It’s high time you allow that rebel inside of you out! After all, what are rules made for? In this article, we’re going to share a few decoration rules that are made to break. We’re advocates of imagination, creativity, and the expression of personality.

Long live decorative anarchy!

Freeing yourself from a conventional lifestyle helps you become more authentic. Your home will reflect your unique personality. Here are just some of the rules that you should question, but feel free to break every single one of them if you wish.

Wood should be one tone

Wood doesn't always have to be the same tone.

This is a decoration rule you should break. Someone out there told us that wooden furniture had to be the same color and finish. They’re probably the same people that decided purses and shoes should match.

Contrast is key, and using different shades of wood in your home can provide rich visual effects. Light floors go great with darker furniture. Don’t be afraid to mix things up!

The color white is impractical

White colors are good when you mix them with bolder ones.

Really? White suits any room in your home, as long as you combine it with other colors to create a warmer atmosphere. 

We’ve been told that white is the worse color to decorate your home with if you have children or pets. Truth is, there are washable objects that won’t stain. 

The perfect bedroom

Use old doors as a headboard for your bed.

Forget about buying an expensive bedroom, equipped with a headboard, bedside tables, and matching dressers. Improvisation is all the rage. You can use pallets as a bed base and a door as a headboard. Seek out some cool ideas for original bedside tables.

It’s forbidden to use strong colors in small spaces

Paint your walls with dark colors to make the room look more spacious.

They say white is the only color that helps us generate space. Is this true? Of course not! Painting your walls with bold colors or putting up wallpaper with intense patterns creates a feeling of spaciousness.

Study a bit of color psychology and how colors can influence your mood.

Choose a style and marry it

Create your own style for your home. It doesn't always have to be simple.

It’s difficult to define who you are by one single trait. The same principle applies to your home. If we’re talking about decoration rules that are made to be broken, this is one of the most obvious.

You may be a fan of the Nordic minimalist style, but you also love the shabby chic decorating style. Everything can coexist in the same space, and eclectic environments are usually fascinating.

Paintings centered and hanging on the wall

Decorative rules like hanging your paintings a certain way are easy to break.

We love to display paintings leaning against the wall or on the floor. We’ve already taught you all the nontraditional ways to create a visually harmonious set of paintings. Two by two, some taller than others…anything goes, as long as they’re straight.

The practical over the aesthetic

Your bathtub doesn't have to be constructed the traditional way.

It’s not easy to break this rule, but once you have the essentials, you can become more rebellious. A freestanding bathtub and designer pieces? Yes, it’s possible! Who said your home had to be boring?

Dining room chairs must be the same

Your dining room chairs can be different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Fortunately for the undecided, this rule doesn’t apply. It feels great to surrounding your dining room table with chairs of different styles, shapes, and colors. Wood, metal, plastic…everything is welcome. Do you know the name of these designer chairs?

Curtains are indispensable

Why block the view of your beautiful backyard with curtains?

Well, this isn’t entirely true. If you don’t believe us, ask anyone from a Nordic country how little they like to use curtains. You may use curtains to maintain your privacy and block out intense sunlight from infiltrating certain parts of your home. However, that all depends on your home. If you have a garden and the dining room windows open onto it, why would you want to obscure that beautiful view with curtains?

These are just some of the decoration rules that can be broken, but surely you can think of many more!