Decorating your Living Room with Round Mirrors

Discover how to decorate your living room with round mirrors. These dynamic and interesting elements will complement your decorative style.
Decorating your Living Room with Round Mirrors

Last update: 19 August, 2019

Learn how to decorate your living room with round mirrors, and you’ll be able to transform your room into a unique and original space. These wonderfully aesthetic elements are perfect for breaking decorative monotony and formality, filling your home with personality.

Circular mirrors are “active” elements, full of energy and movement. They aren’t designed to create stability, or form parallels with other straight lines, such as those offered by paintings, counters, shelves, furniture, corners, or walls.

Instead, their shape generates a sense of dynamism. They break with traditional stereotypes, offering up a whole new world of decorative possibilities. So, how can you use these elements in your living room?

The circle: an original decorative concept

As we’ve mentioned before, circles are really innovative components, capable of creating a sense of movement and energy. As a result, you can use them to give your living room a really original decorative look.

Gold mirrors.

When it comes to interior decor, rectangles are usually the shape of choice: paintings, mirrors, windows, etc. These solid shapes bring a sense of stability and balance.

Circles, however, are different. With no beginning and no end, these geometric shapes reflect a sense of wealth and energy rather than stability, with none of the characteristic rigidity of the rectangle. As such, they can be used to create truly original elements.

– In the circumference of a circle, the beginning and the end are common.

Heraclitus of Ephesus, Greek philosopher

Assess the style of your living room

It’s important to mention that the decorative style of your living room will determine the type of mirror that works best. You can’t underestimate the importance of achieving stylistic harmony, creating a dialogue between the furniture, the colors and your circular mirrors.

You’re probably asking yourself the following question: how many mirrors can you use in a single room? If you choose simple designs and a variety of different sizes, you can hang several mirrors in the same room. However, you can’t just hang them randomly; try to be logical and strategic.

Before you start decorating, you have to think carefully about the look you want to create.

If you want to use a mirror as a focal point in your living room, it’s important to choose just one and to make sure it has a very distinctive style. That way, it will be sure to attract attention and will fill your room with energy.


Types of round mirrors

Round mirrors come in a variety of different designs. Which one you choose will entirely depend on your personal style and taste. Here are just a few examples:

  • Simple: these mirrors consist of a single, well-defined circle. They’re understated and have no additional decoration. This style looks great in modern and minimalist homes with subtle decor.
  • Simple frames: like simple mirrors, these feature a simple round mirror. However, they also have a plain, smooth frame, with no unnecessary adornments.
  • Sunburst mirrors: the frames are decorated with sunbeams which radiate outwards from a central panel. These sun-shaped designs direct your gaze straight toward the mirror.
  • Rococo mirrors: if you’re looking for a much more ornate style, rococo mirrors might be the best option for you. The frames often feature gemstones, carved wreaths, flowers, and intricately curved designs. Gold also features heavily in rococo designs.
  • Flower frames: these frames are designed to imitate the petals of a flower. The mirror itself represents the central yellow flower head. These designs work especially well in rural style homes.
Rococo flower mirrors.

Of course, there are many more designs to choose from, some decorative, and some basic. The one you choose will depend on the decorative style of your living room.

Where to hang your round mirrors

Obviously, there are certain places where hanging a mirror just won’t work. It’s important to analyze your space, and think carefully about where you want to hang your mirrors, making sure they are both accessible and have a certain prominence in your room.

  • Lateral walls: by combining them with other decorative elements, mirrors placed on lateral walls will help give your room a distinctive sense of style.
  • Above the fireplace: this area is key to good living room decor. By placing your mirror here, it will become a focal point of your room.
  • Next to your dining room table: this is a great place to hang mirrors, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It will seem as if your mirror is presiding over every meal.

It’s important not to hang mirrors next to windows and doors. By hanging them in a more neutral area, where they can reflect any light coming in, you will be able to create a more balanced and harmonious look.

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