Decorating with Bonsai and How to Care for them

Want to decorate your home with a beautiful bonsai tree? In this article, we'll show you how to do it and how to care for your plants.
Decorating with Bonsai and How to Care for them

Last update: 26 December, 2018

Bonsai are miniature trees. Originating from Japan, these beautiful plants are sure to give your home a unique and original touch. They are exotic species that require rigorous care if you want them to grow healthily. Plus, if you love plants and trees, spending lots of time taking care of your bonsai every day will be great for your health and well-being.

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can decorate your home with bonsai trees, and what care your plants will need.

Caring for your bonsai

Bonsai plants require specific, meticulous care. Like any plant, they need plenty of light, water, and adequate pruning. There are many different species, and each has a different type of trunk, leaves, and flowers.

In fact, bonsai plants are known for the beauty of their trunks. There are thick trunks and thin trunks, straight and curved. As a result, the care these beautiful Japanese trees need will vary depending on the species.

It’s best to buy a developing plant, as, if you want to grow one from scratch, it will take years. So, we recommend that you buy one that is already growing, and start to care for it and grow it yourself.

Bonsai trees are well known for the beauty of their trunks.

Water and light

You’ll need to make sure your plant gets plenty of natural light, and be sure to water it regularly. Try to do some research into the species-specific requirements of your plant, as not every species has the same needs.

Tropical bonsai, for example, will need more water and a more humid environment. Over-watering non-tropical species, on the other hand, can actually cause the roots to rot, and your plant will eventually die.

Fertile soil

Applying fertilizer to keep the soil fertile is essential for any plant. Try to use organic fertilizer for your bonsai and replace the soil every so often. With a generous amount of fertilizer and good drainage, your plant will grow to be healthy and strong.


Pruning is one of the most important aspects of looking after a bonsai tree. It involves shaping your tree as it grows so that it takes the shape you want.

Plus, pruning is important if you want your miniature tree to stay miniature. You should prune your plant in spring and summer. Try to remove all the dead leaves and twigs. That way, you’ll remove any obstructions and your plant will grow more quickly.

Prune your bonsai to make sure it grows in the shape you want.

You’ll need to keep all these factors in mind when it comes to buying your bonsai. Make sure you read up on the species you’ve got and dedicate a few minutes of your time to taking care of it every day. Look after it properly, and your plant will grow strong and healthy for years to come.

How to decorate with bonsai

This beautiful, natural, and exotic element will look great inside or outside your home. It’s important that you place your bonsai somewhere you can really show off just how beautiful it is.

You can keep them on your patio, in your garden, living room, bedroom, entrance hall, or even in the bathroom. It all depends on how you want to use these beautiful plants to decorate your rooms.

Choosing the right corner

Put your bonsai in a beautiful plant pot that works well with the style of your plant. Choose the container you like best and that also looks create with the rest of your exterior or interior decor. You’ll also need to take time to work out where you want to place it.

If you’re going to keep your bonsai inside, you should choose a corner that gets plenty of natural light. Otherwise, it won’t be able to survive.

Choose a beautiful plant pot that looks great with your bonsai and your decor.

Another great alternative is to display your bonsai on a high table. Place it in a corner with neutral colored walls.

This will really make your bonsai stand out so that it takes center stage in your interior decor. If you decorate your entrance hall with a bonsai tree, it will show off all its character and style to anyone who comes to visit.

With the necessary care and the right location, you’ll be able to use bonsai to decorate those forgotten corners of your home. These exotic miniature species will add a touch of originality to your rooms.

If you love plants and trees, and you don’t mind dedicating your spare time to taking care of them, a bonsai might be a great option for you. Choose the type you like best, look after it well, and decorate your home interiors.

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