Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in Small Spaces

These are some of the most common decorating mistakes in small spaces. Do you want to find out how to avoid them?
Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in Small Spaces

Last update: 22 December, 2020

Space problems often cause many headaches. Today, you’ll discover the most common decorating mistakes to avoid in small spaces and the best solutions.

You can have a nice, practical, and cozy home no matter what size it is. Take note and only you’ll avoid falling into one of these traps.

Decorating mistakes to avoid in small spaces

A small living room with a wooden table.

Maybe you made a mistake when choosing your furniture, or maybe the layout of one of your rooms hinders the flow in your home. Don’t worry! Everything has a solution.

Small homes need to feel spacious. The most important thing is to avoid areas appearing cluttered or filled with furniture and items that don’t serve any purpose.

Decorating mistakes – dark colors

When decorating small spaces, it’s key to try to illuminate every corner as much as possible to give a feeling of spaciousness. However, by choosing strong or dark colors you’ll get the opposite result.

In these cases, white will always be a good choice and you can complement it with neutral tones and another warm color.

Not paying attention to the size of the furniture

Good distribution is always the most important thing, but even more so in small apartments. To avoid this mistake, measure each room before buying anything and stay away from bulky furniture.

A trick is choosing the basic furniture and adding pieces little by little. Imagine an eight-foot circle where you’ll place everything else.

Get custom-made furniture, since it can be adapted one hundred percent to your needs. As for sofas, chaise longue chairs usually work well.

Decorating mistakes – too many prints

In a small apartment, excess color is a mistake and the same goes for prints. You have to try to neutralize the atmosphere by making it softer. You can choose a modern and daring design, but only if you don’t compromise visual comfort through different textures.

Try to limit the use of colors to three and with different items, you can add touches of color. But look for relaxing tones. Cushions, throws, or rugs are essential for a lively and warm sensation.

A partitioned room is one of many common decorating mistakes.

Too many partitions

In small apartments, too many partitions aren’t a good idea since you’re looking for spaciousness. Therefore, removing walls or installing sliding doors is the best option for this type of space.

If you can’t take away walls and make a clear space, use pale colors on both the furniture and the walls so that the light reflects and everything looks bigger.

Another great solution is to use mirrors. This is because they help enhance and reflect light.

Using different types of flooring

In small apartments and, especially if they’re open-plan, one of the most common decorating mistakes which makes a room feel small is using different types of flooring.

With an open-plan kitchen facing the living room, unifying the floor will give a feeling of spaciousness. So, if you have tiles in the kitchen and wood in the rest of the house, you can do two things: extend the wood, which should be treated with a varnish to protect it, or place laminated or vinyl flooring throughout.

Most types of flooring can go over the tiles and best of all they’re easy to lay, but if you choose to laminate it should be the same throughout the house.

Decorating small spaces is an art, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see you can have the house of your dreams.

Colors, custom furniture, and lighting will always play an important role. Measure before making any decision and take advantage of every inch of space.